Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cookie Christmas Tree Lot

A friend gave me this great idea to make a Christmas tree lot with my tree cookies.
It was quite a bit harder than I dreamed it would be.....but thankfully I didn't know that ahead of time. ;)

For tree stands, I made some oval and square cookies with cut outs a little larger than the tree trunks.

Once the trees were decorated, I added some glaze to the hole in the stand

and stuck the tree trunk right in it.

 Then I put a rack behind them so they could dry upright overnight.

The photo shoot was the funniest I've ever done.  PURE CRAZIE-ness. haha

But.....I got some good shots. :)

OK folks....time to go pick out your fresh cut Christmas tree. :)


NoYoMoCo said...

Pam, I adore this scene!! What a fun idea - you are a genius!

Audrey said...

What fun!! Thanks for helping me think of new ideas, maybe with gingerbread houses? Thanks for all of your ideas Pam.

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

You did get some good shots and this lot is just adorable. What a sweet idea. I know it was a lot of work to baked the special tree stand cookies and set everything up but the finished effect was so worth it Pam.

Sue said...

I love this so much! We went to a cute boutique last night and there was an ornament that I loved which looked just like your tree lot:) It was too pricey though.

Ben-Heather King said...

One word .... adorable!

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