Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mini Cornucopia Cookies (Tutorial)

To make mini cornucopia cookies you will need:
  • Assorted mini sugar cookies (see below)
  • Medium Brown 10-Second Glaze
  • Dark Brown 10-Second Glaze
  • Orange 10-Second Glaze
  • Gold 10-Second Glaze
  • Green 10-Second Glaze
  • Red 10-Second Glaze
  • Purple 10-Second Glaze
  • Ice Cream Cones (waffle style)
 Decide what fruits, vegetables, etc you'd like to include in your mini cornucopia and then
search through your mini cutters to find something comparable.
I'm showing you here how I cut out my Indian corn, apple, grapes, pumpkin, and leaf.
Use your imagination to come up with other fun shapes.

    Here's a pictorial of how I did all my mini shapes....

    I used a "sugar" ice cream cone as my cornucopia.

    AFTER I did this, of course!, I saw this cool link
    on how to curl the end of a waffle cone.
    So I'm sharing it with you......
    so your mini cornucopias can be way cooler than mine. :)

    Thanksgiving Cornucopia
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Here Comes the Turkeys......Happy Thanksgiving



    NoYoMoCo said...

    Such a cute idea with the ice cream cones!

    Nancy P said...

    Oh, soooooo cute, Pam! I love cornucopias, and have never seen or thought of a mini one, using a sugar cone-! That is your "Cookie Think" girl, so creative, you are!

    marilyn said...

    OMG this is so incredibly amazing. I pinned it, put it on my facebook page and tweeted. I'm so psyched that you linked up on Thanksgiving Treats and Fall Fun!

    cookiecrazielady said...

    My pleasure, Marilyn. Let me know when you have other link parties. :)

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