Monday, October 29, 2012

Indian Corn Cookies (Tutorial)

To make Indian Corn cookies you will need

 Take the "spooky ghost" cookie cutter and reshaped it into Indian corn. :)

On parchment paper, use a #4 tip and make glaze icing "corn kernels".
Use the heat gun technique to prevent each kernel from caving in the center.
Don't hold the gun over the kernels too long.....or they will be splotchy the next day.
Mine ended up splotchy.....but I decided that corn kernels look excellent when splotchy. ;)
Allow the kernels to dry for several hours....preferably overnight.

 Outline & flood the corn kernel part of the Indian corn with gold glaze.
Add the dried "kernels in rows on top of the wet gold glaze.

After the gold glaze has dried for an hour or so.....
outline & flood the husk part of the Indian corn with ivory glaze.

Wait another hour and then
use the boo boo stick to add character lines to the husks.

Dry the cookies overnight and then
paint the husks with a mixture of Americolor gels (gold, ivory, tiny amount of brown)
and almond extract to thin it a bit.
I also found the sheen airbrush colors gave my fall cookies an extra pizazz.
I especially liked the bronze, copper, & gold colors.


Anonymous said...

So creative! I love Indian Corn, and this is fabulous. Safe travels to CookieCon! --
Joni from SpringFling

NoYoMoCo said...

I had no idea the kernels were icing transfers! What a neat effect :)

Bea Garcia said...

Ha! I love it! Never would've guessed you used a Ghost Cutter... you are genious! xo

Nancy P said...

Pam, I LOVE this idea! I made a couple of corn cookies, by 1. outlining the individual kernals, like you did the grapes, then filling in little by little. 2., Flooding, then going back and doing individual colors in kernal dots, but letting them dry (before putting another kernal right next to them) made me nuts! Took too long, I got impatient. I am so ready for Christmas, I decided corn was for next year, lol! Thanks for taking all the extra time to photograph your art, and write tutorials. What a gift you give to many, many, people! I am so grateful!

cookiecrazielady said...

I've done it that way too, Nancy. Maddening. lol My pleasure to share. It is a gift God has given me that I can do nothing but share. :)

Nancy P said...

Pam, I agree, the artistic gifts we have (and all gifts everyone has) were given by God, and are meant to be shared!

Mary said...

Thank you! These cookies are amazing! Can you post the scenic pumpkin cookies too?

cookiecrazielady said...

I posted them here, Mary. Thanks for your kind comments.

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