Monday, October 22, 2012

"Handy" Scarecrow Cookies (Tutorial)

To make these scarecrow cookies you will need:

 Before baking the cookies, 
you can change the position/shape of the scarecrow's hat
and straw coming from his neck, if you wish.
Outline and flood the hat on top.....adding any design or pattern you wish.
Outline and flood the "straw" (fingers) with the light tan glaze.

Allow to dry for about an hour.
Then outline and flood the face with ivory glaze.
Start adding texture to the "straw" under the scarecrow's face.

After the texture has dried for 10-15 minutes,
keep adding various lines to the straw (tan, gold, brown).

Allow the ivory (face) glaze to dry for at least 30 minutes 
before adding straw around the face.
Allow the cookies to dry overnight.
Using a paint brush, add pink petal dust to give the scarecrow rosy cheeks.
Then using a very small round paintbrush,
add thinned Americolor gels to make the scarecrow's face.
You can also use food color markers for adding details.


NoYoMoCo said...

What a creative idea!

Lene Tsapaliaris McCollum said...

Oh my gosh! Those are too stinkin' cute!! The faces are absolutely adorable!

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

You win for the cutest, most original scarecrow cookies ever...hands down! :)

cookiecrazielady said...

You are so incredibly sweet, Paula. You always boost my confidence with your comments. Thanks. :)

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