Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunflower Cookie (Tutorial)

To make a sunflower cookie you will need

 Outline/flood the center of the small sunflower cookie with brown glaze.
Allow to dry for an hour or two.

Outline and flood the outside of the smaller flower,
and most of the larger flower with gold glaze.

While the glaze is still wet, place the smaller sunflower on top of the larger sunflower.

Allow to dry overnight.

Mix up various shades of brown and gold using Americolor gels and 
thinning it with almond extract. 
Study photos of real sunflowers and make a similar circular pattern around the brown center.
Add petal/highlight lines to the flower petals.


DJ Franklin said...

Beautiful cookie!! Too pretty to eat. I have done some painting on the glaze cookies with Amerigel and vodka. They stay a little "tacky" or sticky. Do you have this problem as well??

Courtney said...

Hi there! I found your blog when searching for ideas for our bake sale to benefit our upcoming adoption from Ukraine (we are adopting two very special little girls from the Donestk region this winter). I loved reading about your experiences in country and all the good work you do. Thanks so much for sharing! One fundraiser we are doing is selling cookies in the shape of Ukrainian flags at some local small businesses and it's been a success - but I LOVE the heart-shaped Ukrainian flags you did. I might switch to those, since hearts don't snap like flag poles do. Anyway, I just wanted to say "privet," admire your gorgeous cookies, and thank you for reaching out to my daughters' home country to try to make it a better place.

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks DJ. Yes, they are a little tacky later.....but not bad enough to mess up the cookie. Also, drying them with a fan helps. ♥

Lilaloa said...

That flower is GORGEOUS PAM!! You are rocking it with these painted cookies!! You should consider canvas!

Miss Cuit said...

I LOVE the result! It reminds me of Van Gogh paintings!!!

Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

They're beautiful!!! I love how take a plain cookie and turn it into a piece of art!

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

Just love these Pam. You're talents with painting cookies is a wonderful as it is with icing! Love the shading you did on the petals and the center of the flowers are perfect.

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