Friday, September 21, 2012

CookieCrazie Chatter.......Friday, September 21, 2012



I just heard that Karen & Mike are down to a short waiting list.
So if you missed getting a ticket.....get on their waiting list
because the deadline for refunds is coming up
and they anticipate they will have some openings after that.

There is a Facebook group specifically for CookieCon attendees.
Those with a CookieCon ticket.....
contact me and I'll make sure you find the group.


CookieCrazie's Week in Review

Random Cookie Shapes


Personal Side
Another week.....and it has been a busy one.
I am SO THANKFUL I've felt better this week.
I'm still not over this stupid cough and congestion, 
but at least I don't feel rotten along with it. 
Warning......coughing attacks can happen at any random time. heehee

I'm going to visit my sister next week......
so most of the cookies I made this week were made to surprise her family. :)
I LOVE to give this will be so fun.

Unfortunately......I took on more than I should have.
I have a CHRONIC problem.
I always want to do things bigger and better than last time.
And THEN I decide to do too many different designs at one time. :0)
This time it was 4 collections with 20 different cookies.
Absolutely no doubt at all. hee hee

Well.....the good news is.....I got them done!
I even got the photos done this afternoon.
And boy, am I beat!
But it's worth it. 
Next week I'll get to see those faces of cookie joy......
TOTALLY worth it. :)

Instagram photos for this week:


I've done them before..... I'll do them again. I like 'em. :)

Allison's birthday lunch....she and Jill got strawberry lemonade and cherry limeade. :)
I love these girls.......LOTS!

My "planning list" for the week.
Since I was doing boxed sets, this is how I did my planning. ;)

An opened sunroof kind-of-day. ♥

Do you ever feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew?
Ummmm...that was me on Wednesday. : /

Day 1 of decorating complete. Had to just take one step at a time.
(All I can think of is Dory in Finding Nemo saying,
"Just keep swimming......just keep swimming.....
just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. lol)

Betcha you've never seen a pumpkin "patch" quite like this one, have ya? ;)

Day 2 of intense LONG Thursday......but they are done.
YEAH! I can breathe again. lol

Out shopping on Friday......Jackpot!
So many cookie cutters I'd never seen before (and I thought I'd seen most, haha).

 Basket of pumpkins.....


Last week's chatter....


Dana James said...

Are you an Amazon affiliate? If so, can you put a link in your side column? I was about to order something from Amazon, then realized that you would get the commission if I went through your link. I'm not buying a zillion dollar Rolex watch, but I'd rather that you get the money instead of Amazon.

cookiecrazielady said... sweet of you! Just go under the SHOP tab at the top of the site and click on the Amazon ad. That will take you through my Amazon shop. And thank you very much. :) ♥

Dana James said...

Last night, I think finally figured out that that's what your Shop tab is for, lol. All this time, I thought it was for placing orders for cookies from you. I sure hope I got it right when I made my Amazon purchase. But you might want to put a link in your sidebar too, for people like me that are forgettable and/or don't notice obvious things like your Shop tab. :-)

cookiecrazielady said...

Well obviously my shop tab is not very noticeable. ;) I just added an Amazon ad to the sidebar. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully that will help things out. You are a dear to want to use my shop for your purchase. :) Thanks! ♥

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

In serious love with your plaid pumpkin cookies and your stacked painted pumpkins. What a busy week for sure. Your sister and family will love all your treats and appreciate all the hard work that went into them. I see a football stadium cookie on one of those cookie sheets. It's awesome. Enjoy your visit with your sister, you certainly deserve the break. Hope that nagging cough clears up soon.

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