Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3D Pumpkin Cookie (Tutorial)

To make a 3D pumpkin you'll need:

Cut out the following:
Two 3" Pumpkins
Three 3-3/4" Pumpkins
Two 4-1/2" Pumpkins
Three 1" (or 1-1/2") Circles

Be sure to cut off the stems of the pumpkin-shaped cookies before baking.

"Glue" the three circles  together with brown glaze.

Outline the top cookie with brown glaze and then flood all the sides of the "stem".
After 15-20 min, go back and flood the top of the stem.
Allow it to dry overnight.

Before "gluing" the pumpkin together, stack it up the way it fits best together.
Then unstack it in order so you can easily build it back
once you've added the orange glaze "glue".

To start the decorating, turn your "pumpkin" upside down.
Outline the rim  with orange glaze and then cover what will be the bottom-most cookies with glaze.

Allow this to dry for a few hours before turning it back upright.

Outline the pumpkin in segments as shown.
 Allow outlines to dry for at least 30 minutes before beginning to fill them in.

Flood every other segment with orange glaze.

Allow segments to dry for 30+ minutes before filling in the rest of the segments.
(Forgive me for failing to photograph the pumpkin with all the segments filled. ;))

Dry the pumpkin overnight.
Use Americolor gels ( Brown, Gold, Orange, White) to
create some colors to shade the pumpkin and stem.
(Use the almond extract to thin the gels.)

The "paint" will make the pumpkin tacky for a while, so I let mine dry over another night.


The Partiologist said...

Me and my mom love your Pumpkin "Ornament"!! :)

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

This was a great tutorial Pam.  I've always been so impressed with the fact that you create such beautiful cookies with glaze icing.   Making 3D cookies with glaze icing just takes your talent to a new level.

Linda Lawhead said...

Great idea!  Thanks for sharing!

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