Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coneflower Cookies (Tutorial)

To make coneflower cookies you will need:

Cut out coneflowers with two circle cutters and a mini spade cutter as shown in photo.
Bake and cool cookies.

Outline petals with glaze in your choice of color. 
Outline bulb center of coneflower.

Flood petals and center.

Allow to dry overnight.

Using Americolor gels (I used some brown, gold, and white mixed together) 
with a small amount of almond extract.....
...add detail to the coneflower center.
(Step not photographed: Add lines to petals to give them more dimension.)


The Partiologist said...

These are some of my favorite flowers of yours! Love this design and hopefully someday I'll make some too!

Lilaloa said...

I LOVE your cornflowers Pam!!! And-- what a fantastic use of the tiny spade cutter!!!

vicki said...

Pam...these are so different than anything I have ever have such a great imagination.

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

I love the way you detailed the center of the cornflowers! Very pretty and creative cookies :)

Deborah (D.J.) said...

Just lovely Pam. Looking at them I wonder how it would work to use the ladybug cutter for these and then maybe only have to make two little triangle cuts for the petals... just a thought

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Deborah (D.J.). What a great idea. What is so wonderful about our cookie world is that we can inspire others to come up with even better ideas than our own. :) ♥

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