Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apple Cookie (Tutorial)

To make apple cookies you'll need:

  • Apple-shaped Cookies
  • Red 10-second Glaze
  • Electric Green 10-second Glaze
  • Medium Brown 10-second Glaze
  • Dark Green 10-second Glaze
  • Cake Tester (or other long super thin stick)
  • Paintbrush
  • Almond Extract
  • Americolor Gels (red, brown, white, electric green, & leaf green)

Outline main part of apple. 
Allow to dry a few minutes and then outline/flood the "top back" part of the apple.

Once the top has dried for 20-30 min, use a cake tester
or other long skinny stick to make a stem indention in each apple.

Allow the outline and top to dry for an hour or more to prevent bleeding.

Once the outline and top are good and dry,
add the stem, leaf, and flood the main part of the apple.

After the leaf has dried for about 30 minutes, 
use the cake tester to add lines and dimension.

Allow cookies to dry overnight.

By using a palette, mix several shades of red and green
to add highlights and accents to your apples.
It helps to thin out your colors a little with almond extract.


Lisa {Sweet 2 Eat Baking} said...

Wow Pam, these look incredible. The painted detail look superb.

Sharon Alicea said...


TurtlePapers said...

Have you tried mixing with water instead of extract? Just wondering. ;)

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Jennifer. I haven't tried it......but I know that Sweet Ambs did an experiment using different liquids. You might check out her blog for the details. :) ♥

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