Thursday, July 19, 2012

At Last.......Cookie Boxes!

I've been showing you sneak peeks of new
cookies boxes from BRP Box Shop for a couple of months now.

And finally......TODAY....they are available for order. :)

Here's the 7" x 4.5" box
(Note: this link is to the lid only. You still need to order the box base.)

The next four photos are of the 10" x 7" box.
White 10" x 7" box
Brown 10" x 7" box
(Note: this link is to the lid only. You still need to order the box base.)

Here is my favorite of the new ones......14" x 10".
I love that it holds 10-12 cookies and shows them all off so well.
If you stack them could get up to 2 dozen in this box.
Brown 14" x 10" box
White 14" x 10" box
 (Note: this link is to the lid only. You still need to order the box base.)
Oh.....and there are TWO base boxes for this size.
One is 1 1/4" deep and the other is 1 3/4" deep.
The extra depth will allow for another layer of cookies. :)

And this is an "oldie" but a "goodie".
Their windowed pizza box has been a favorite of mine for a long time.
Depending on the cookie can get up to 30 medium cookies
(stacked two deep) in this box.

The people at BRP Box Shop are amazing!
They are listening to the cookie community and doing all they can to accommodate our needs.

I am partnering with them in several aspects,
so you will see more from BRP and CookieCrazie.


Kristen said...

These look great!  Do you ship your cookies arranged like this in boxes or do you wrap them in bubble wrap?

Dotty Raleigh said...

I've been waiting for this.  Can't decide what to order!  Thanks Pam!

Regina @SpecialtyCakeCreations said...

Yay...checked out those boxes. They look really great!
I hope you have a fantastic and blessed time in the Ukraine. Was looking for you in intagram but couldn't find you :(

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Kristen. No, I do not ship cookies in these boxes. The big MUST in shipping is that the cookies do not move around at all. So I pack them back to back with lots of bubble wrap when I ship. These boxes work best for presentation, so I use them for local orders.

cookiecrazielady said...

 Thanks Regina. My Instagram name is cookiecrazie.

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