Monday, June 4, 2012

COOKIE Ice Cream Cones! (Tutorial)

To make a Cookie Ice Cream Cone you will need:

I like to stack up the cookies in the order I want them placed
and then turn them upside down to start adding icing in between each layer.

Once the cone is "glued" together
turn it upside down to start filling in the sides.
Start from the top (actually the bottom, lol)
and work down.
Parchment paper underneath this project is your friend. :)

Once the covered cones have dried for an hour or more,
add vertical lines to the bottom (top in this photo) of the cone.

 After another hour or so of drying, turn upright.
Outline & flood the top of the cone.

Let cones dry overnight.
During all the dry time, you can color dough
(and flavor it if you'd like!)
to make a bunch of scoops of ice cream cookies.

Stack the scoops on top.....
and you have a delicious drip-free ice cream cone. =)


Theresa said...

I didn't realize the cone was cookies until now!  Now they are even cooler, if that's possible

Dana James said...

 That is exactly what I was going to post! :-)

Esther said...

Such a genius idea! And the finished product is so gorgeous, with that rainbow of ice cream scoops!

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