Monday, June 25, 2012

AMERICA Cookie Bunting (Tutorial)

To make America Cookie Bunting cookies you will need:

 Use a straw to cut a hole out of the triangle cookie
to add a loop of twine for hanging later.

Outline the cookies. Don't forget to outline the string hole.

Flood the cookies and add various wet-on-wet deco for fun patterns.

After the cookies have dried overnight,
outline each one with one of the  letters of A-M-E-R-I-C-A.
I used the thick black Americolor Gourmet Writer for the letter outlining.

After a few minutes of dry time,
add an outline of white glaze on the inner edge of each letter.

Then flood each letter.
I forgot to mention that you can make some white stitches on the outside of each
triangle with a #2 round paint brush and some Americolor Bright White gel.

Allow the letters to dry for a few hours before adding a loop of twine to each cookie.
I used twine from The Twinery. Fun!


Lisa Thebearfootbaker said...

These are awesome Pam! I had the same idea! Yours turned out super cute!!!

cookiecrazielady said...

 Thanks Lisa. :) Where are yours......I want to see. ♥

T M said...

Hi. These are spectacular!  I would love to see a step by step tutorial on how you do the plaid designs. Which lines/colors you draw first to obtain that amazing result. (I am referring to the cookies with the letters "M", "R" and "C" on your pictures above.
Thanks so much for sharing your incredible talent!

cookiecrazielady said...

 Thank you TM. So glad you like them.

Plaid is one of those techniques I hold a little close. I'll share most everything else, but not that one. That's one of only things I have that's semi- unique about my decorating.

But really......if you study plaid, you can do it too. That's what I did. I studied it and then practiced, practiced, practiced. :)

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