Thursday, May 10, 2012

Side Tracked..... Life's Changes

Since this blog is all about cookies,
I hesitate to move too far away from the
subject of decorating sugar cookies with glaze icing.

But sometimes radical things in your life warrant
taking a side trail from time to time.
For those of you that are not interested in anything but my "cookie life".....
I'll just let you know right now that you
probably won't want to read any further in this post. ;)

I've felt a strong need to share some huge changes that
I've incorporated into my life for the last year.
I can honestly say that I'm not the same person as before.
Yes, it involved physical change......
but it also VERY MUCH involved an emotional and spiritual change.

You see, I've struggled with overeating and
being overweight most of my life.
When I was young.....I was chubby.
I got married fairly thin after starving myself for months.
Then I had five babies in 6 1/2 years.
Ummm.....just like so many other women....
that significantly increased my post-pregnancy weight.

I had success with some Christian weight loss programs
in the last 20 years
one thing I never quite mastered was eating healthy.
I learned how to eat within the context of hunger & fullness,
but I still consumed far too much junk food.

Fast forward to March 2011........
My son had been going to a chiropractor for some issues....
and the doctor was very successful in helping him.
Dr. Todd Frisch specializes in treating the whole body for wellness.
When I saw what he did for Kyle.....mainly in diet changes,
I decided I would inquire for myself since I was suffering
from the ill effects of menopause, severe arthritis, weight gain,
headaches, and overall feeling very ILL all the time. :(

Dr Frisch put me on his SHAPE protocol that involves a very
restricted diet that eliminates refined sugar and carbohydrates.
This was a DRAMATIC change for me.
I was petrified about letting go of all the foods
that I had clung to for over 40 years.
Seriously.....I LIVED on carbs & sugar!
And suddenly those two "food groups" were no longer in my diet.
Talk about scary....

But with much prayer and yielding of my will to God,
I learned to live without refined carbohydrates......
and lost 65 lbs in 9 months.

Not only is my body leaner, it is also MUCH healthier.
Now that I eat only whole foods instead of processed ones,
I feel like I'm 20 years old again!
Who would have thought that during my 50th year of life,
I would feel better than I had in 30 years.
My body feels young and energetic.
I'm not tired all the time.
I have clear thinking.
My daily headaches are gone.
My arthritis seems none existent.
I feel like a NEW woman!

Beyond the physical changes of my body,
my emotional state is much more stable.
Menopause was doing a number on me......
but now I feel balanced and content.

Finally I understand what taking care of my body really means.
I realize that what I eat matters a lot.

Since releasing my weight,
I do my best to eat only whole foods....not processed ones.
I eat lots and lots of fruits & veggies.....
adding in some nuts, seeds, meat & dairy.

What I try to keep to a minimum is carbohydrates....
in particular bread, pasta, potatoes, and
most grains (especially wheat).
I read a book called Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD.
Talk about an eye-opening book!

I decided to eliminate most grains from my eating
because when I ate them (particularly wheat),
I felt awful.....bad headache, "foggy brain", no creativity,
in ability to think straight.....and had an overall YUCK feeling.

And being grain-free has worked wonders for me.
I function so much better without grains.

I'm having the time of my life!

Maybe it's just me,
but more and more.....I'm finding others that have made the same discovery.
You'll find many of them through some of my favorite sites:

Wheat Belly Blog
Elana's Pantry
Deliciously Organic 
Comfy Belly

Ironically, I decorate sugar cookies. haha
Hmmm.....and they have refined white wheat flour in them.
So guess what??.....I rarely eat my own cookies.
It's kind of weird.....but it works for me.

So how do I reconcile this?
Sweet treats were made for very special occasions.
And that is where decorated cookies come in.
It's not something you consume on a regular basis.....
it something saved for a rare special occasion.
Plus they are pieces of art...
again, only meant for special occasions.

Since all of this has radically changed me,
I decided to share with you here.....
because eating gluten/grain free is a big part of me now.
I'm passionate about it.....just like decorating cookies.
And I'd like to share recipes and information
from time to time to help others that are
following the same path.

I promise to stick with decorating cookies
most of the time.....
but don't be surprised if I throw in a
grain-free curve ball from time to time. :)

Take a look at my new Grain Free Sugar Cookie Recipe!

I'd love to hear from you too.
What changes have you made that have improved
your health and allowed you to live a fuller life?


Nadia Kalinichenko said...

Great job, Pam! I admire you!

Dotty Raleigh said...

You look beautiful Pam!  It's just amazing that you feel so great!  Double bonus!

Thank you for sharing this with us.  :)

Lene McCollum said...

Wow!  You are an inspiration!!  You look F A B U L O U S!!!  

Cristin Sohm said...

Wow Pam! You look AMAZING! I love hearing about how you feel especially. That is so inspiring! On May 1st, I started a healthy program of just eating healthier and getting exercise. I try to fit in a work-out every single day, but sometimes life gets in the way and then I get back on track the next day. Out of the last 9 days, I've exercised 6 days and in the last 9 days, I've lost 8.5 lbs! I'm still in the struggling phase where the work-outs are VERY difficult and I feel self-conscious and unsure of my ability, but I know that as I stick with it and make it happen, I will get stronger every day and leaner and healthier. As Nike says, Just Do It! The LiveStrong Challege is coming up next month and I hope to have the strength to cycle 100 miles in memory of my father and in the fight against Cancer.

Jaclynscookies said...

Congratulations Pam, you look fabulous! 

Efiorito said...

Good for you! You look fantastic!

Deliciously Organic said...

Congrats on your success! I'm so glad you found what worked for your body. You look great! I can't wait to try some of your grain free cookies!

Linliv46 said...

WOW! What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing! You look great and so does your family!

Kris said...

WOW, great job,  what an amazing change! My  24 year old daughter read the book Wheat Belly  last year and has been GF for many months, she convinced my husband to do the same and he feels so much better too, He is a lot more disciplined than me, I just don't have that willpower yet, but your post has been very inspiring... Kris   

ritamcdonald3323 said...

Pam, when I saw you at Spring Fling I couldn't get over how great you looked. We briefly spoke about your weight loss. You look SPECTACULAR! I'm flirting with 50 and need to make some healthy changes myself. I will look forward to your future posts on a healthier lifestyle. I really enjoy your cookie posts, but this is also a nice change. Keep up the good work!

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Rita. I was a little leary of taking such a sharp turn in the road....but so far, so good. :)

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awwww....thanks Cristin. :) Yeah for you and your new exercise program. That's one area I've not conquered well. Since I have had 8 foot feet are constantly a problem. So I use it is a great excuse why I don't exercise. ;) Thankfully just adjusting what I eat has made a tremendous impact on me. Yes.....Nike is right. JUST DO IT, Cristin! I can't wait to hear about it on your blog. :)

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awww....thanks Carrie. This means a ton to have you comment here. I appreciate it. :)

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Thanks Kris. That is SO COOL that your daughter and husband have been eating GF.....and feeling great. Come on can do it! :)

Melissa Barbakoff said...

Wonderful post Pam! I am so glad you are feeling amazing! I have often said you would not put vegetable oil in a car instead of gas and expect it to run. So often we put food devoid of any nutrition in our bodies. The motto around our house, if God created it, than you can eat it. So many of the foods available to us are modified and chemical laden. Thank you so much for sharing, you are such an encouragement.

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awww.....thanks Melissa. I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, my doctor says, "God created food for human life while man created food for shelf life."
Here's an excerpt from his patient guidebook:
"Eat food that God has provided. If it has the ability to rot or spoil, it is God's food. God's food doesn't have a label! Eat real food not pre-packaged man-made food. It doesn't get any simpler than this. Ask yourself one question before you eat or drink: Is this a man-made food product or is it from God?"
You said the same thing, Melissa. I think we're on to something. :)
And I'm thrilled to encourage you!

Sweetie Petitti (SusIe) said...

Fantastic post.  People need inspiration!  When I met you at Spring Fling I assumed you always looked like that!  I changed everything in March.  I am nearing 50 (a few years) and was tired of hearing all my friends gripe about how you can never lose weight, and your hair falls out and no sex drive.  I decided none of that was going to happen to me!  I have always been a healthy eater, but a bad exerciser...I am not trying to break records, but I filled a bag for Goodwill, baggy clothes look bad!  Keep up the good work and I look forward to these posts as much as those gorgeous cookies!

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Hi Susie. :) You go girl! No more baggie clothes....and a whole new YOU! I'm 51 now....and not feeling a day over 20. =)

Melissa Durjenkow said...

Hi Pam,

I have followed your blog for quite some time and I'll have to admit that I'm one of those people that like to view and rarely leave comments. Sad I know when I have my own blog and I like to receive comments.

I felt compelled to leave a comment on this post to say to you how awesome I think you look. What an amazing transformation! I am a carb and sugar addict and the thought of going without them is very scary to me but I'm at a place in my life where something needs to change. Over the last year I have been to so many doctors appointments and had so much blood drawn to only be told that I'm a mystery. My doctor believes that I have an autoimmune disorder but he cannot tell me which. My symptoms resemble rheumatoid arthritis but I test negative for it. All I know is that there are days that I hurt all over and I walk like I'm an old woman. I'm 35 years old and I shouldn't be feeling like this. I had to give up taking cookie orders because of the symptoms I was having. Stress was not helping. I'm able to decorate for fun and for family and friends but my days of late night decorating are gone because of my illness.

Your story gives me hope. If doctors cannot tell me what's wrong then perhaps a change in my eating and lifestyle will help me. I don't know if I can be as strong as you but I would like to try. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm a big fan of your work! I may not always comment but I do follow you and admire what you do. Keep up the great work!!

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Oh Melissa.....It is awesome to hear from you! I am so glad you commented here. First of all, it confirms that I was OK to post about something not cookie-related. And even more importantly, I'm thrilled that I could encourage you and motivate you.

My doctor says that there's three stages of health. There's 1) those that are in good health, 2) those that have health conditions (disease) that are confirmed through diagnostic testing and that medical doctors can treat........and then 3) there is the in between stage. He calls it Dis- is where we have symptoms that will eventually develop into a disease.....but it can't confirmed yet by testing. I think that is the place you are in. And according to my doctor, diet and getting you in a more balanced state.....can move you back to the healthy side.

I encourage you to read Wheat Belly. He talks a lot about all the common diseases these days and how many of them are either caused by or aggravated by the foods we are particular wheat. On page 85, Dr. Davis says this:

Autoimmune diseases- Diseases associated with immune attacks against various organs, known as autoimmune diseases, are more common in people with celiac. People with celiac disease are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, connective tissue diseases such as lupus, asthma, inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Chrohn's disease, as well as other inflammatory and immune disorders. Rheumatoid arthritis, a painful, disfiguring joint arthritis treated with anti-inflammatory agents, has been shown to improve, and occasionally remit entirely, with gluten removal."

Look into it, Melissa. What do you have to lose? Go without gluten/grain for a month and see if you improve. (Dr Davis's book gives you a step by step plan to do it.....including recipes) If you don't......oh deprived yourself of wheat for a month. But if you do.....WOW....wouldn't that be wonderful if all you had to do was take out one component of your menu to possibly have a complete reversal of the problem!

Let me know if there is anything I can do. :) ♥

Melissa Durjenkow said...

You are right. What do I have to lose? After reading that paragraph from the book I think this is worth a shot. Thanks so much!!!

Kathy Ward Warby said...

Awesome Pam!  Looking fabulous

Kathy Ward Warby said...

Going to call you Fabulous Deb!

Rldduet said...

Wow - this is a post from the Lord through you, Pam!   I too have made many changes this past year - started eating more healthy foods (my son who is a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in St. Charles wrote up a diet plan for me).  I also started working with a personal trainer here in Lee's Summit, MO at 24 Hour Fitness.  I have very bad knees and a bad back and exercise has helped tremendously.  Plus I have dropped weight and I have more energy. 

I am encouraged though by some of the things you have shared about your arthritis being almost non existant now.  I am going to get a copy of the book Wheat Belly and refine my current diet even more and see if it will help my arthritis as well.  I am so excited about what you have  shared! 

I am looking forward to your grain free sugar cookie recipe.  Thanks for sharing Pam!


Rldduet said...

By the way, your new body looks awesome!

janarhodes said...

I love your change Pam! I must tell you that I had same symptoms of being  tired all the time and in a bad mood. then I read about Atkins diet - low on carbs and sugar. I started with the first 2 weeks of a very strict diet, then changed it to more comfortable for me. Right now I feel better, I still have some dresses I want to fit in - these are my goal! And I eat a lot of veggies, proteins, few diaries (like my home made yoghurt, or cheese) and from time to time some sweets (usually just on Sundays - to get day off of my diet). I feel great, though I am just at the beginning!
Thanks for sharing your experience!
You really look great! 

Diana said...

Pan, es fantástico. Te envío mi enhorabuena y toda la energía positiva para que sigas cuidándote. Te querremos!!!!. Besos desde España,

Chari said...

Congratulations, I have headaches and a little overweight, try to do something like you. thanks!

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Muchas gracias, Diana. :) ♥♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awesome, Robyn. Please DO read Wheat Belly and try it out. As I told Melissa above.....what do you have to lose? (Maybe a month of not eating wheat......but you may have so much more to gain, and I'm not talkin' weight. ;))
Let me know if there is anything I can do. ♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awesome news to hear. It only gets better janarhodes. :)

Barb Giglio said...

you look great! so proud of you!! can't wait to see the grain free sugar cookie! your work and past year healthy changes you've made inspire me! :)

Cherie Bamrick said...

Pam...You may just be the catalyst that changes my eating habits too.  My best friend had made the same discovery and ultimately has drastically changed her eating habits....of course, she has been trying to get me to do the same as I have all the same pre -gluten free symptoms you experienced.  I am 67 and change is very difficult .  Thank you for your story and today I will at the very least read the book she gave me.  The changes have certainly been positive for you and for my friend. Providence once again...

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Cherie......yes yes can do it! It seems impossible beforehand......but the results and the healthier body are so amazing that you don't even miss it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. ♥
To God be the Glory......He's awesome!

thepartiologist said...

Pam you look amazing!  Believe it or not, I ALWAYS have to watch what I eat and lately I haven't been watching.  So on May 1st I decided that I would try and cut out most (I just can't say ALL) of the sweets, eat healtier and continue excerising daily.  Today, being weigh day, I thought for sure I would have dropped at least 3 pounds, only to step on the scale and see only a 1/2 lb. loss.  I was so discouraged and now reading your post, I'll just keep on keeping on!  Thanks my dear friend, you're just what the doctor ordered!!  :)

Donbpaint49 said...

Pam, thank you for sharing your heart with us......changing our habits is something that is most successful when we surrender our own will and realize that this change is God's "better/best" for us!  Blessings, Donna B.

Amaliastandard said...

Pam.... amazing.....You are truly and inspiration to us all....Your hard work and determination has paid look fabulous....but most importantly I am thrilled that you are feeling good.  I too have struggled feeling crummy for the past few years...and recently have had a number of tests  but no doctor can actually pinpoint the source of the problem.  I have always tossed around the idea of going gluten free....I am sure I would feel better...but like you were... I am a real carb/sugar eater...tsk...tsk tsk....but are right....I really don't have anything to lose...and so much to gain with just a few simple life changes....I'm sure it would be a better example to set for my own children as well!  SOOOOO proud of you!  Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Congratulations Pam and thanks for sharing!  You look awesome!!!!  My nephew now has to eat gluten free, so I can't wait for you to post your new recipe! Wishing you continued success.

marla meyer said...

Pam, I'm so happy for you receiving all this positive feedback.  

Kim Garcia said...

Thank you for sharing this Pam.  As I read this post, you could have been writing my story.  I have 6 kids, and in the last 6 years have had many health issues. and many surgeries.  I feel foggy, and weak most of the time.  The headaches, and body aches are constant.  I know about gluten free diets.  They are all the rage.  But for me... Family celiac and crones desease are common.  I have not beeen faithful to keep to the commitment of a gluten free diet.  The kids don't like it much, so I bend and give in.  No excuse.  I am a cake designer, so I get what your saying about your cookies.  I don't eat cake either.  Funny how that works.  After reading your post, and seeing your success, I recommit to a better diet, and a better me.  I will read the wheat belly blog, and check out a gluten free diet.  I can't wait to show my before and after pictures with you.  Thank you again, Kimberley

Mayca said...

It looks great congratulations for your family, I'm glad you decided to follow recipesto their good habits too.
Thank you very much for your decorated cookies .... but better without sugar kissesjajajajaj
Sorry for my English ;-) google translates it

Lisa E said...

Wow, thanks for the encouragement. You look great, even prettier than before. Can't wait for your new gluten-free or any other kind of recipe you post. Love your blog!

lov2bake said...

You look wonderful Pam!  Congratuations on your long journey to heath!  I am just beginning mine. I love what you said about God made food, man made shelf life.  To your point, how often do see commercials for carrots? apples? kale? celery?  Just about NEVER.  It's like nutritious food doesn't exist on TV.  Even recently, Whole Foods said just because it's organic doesn't mean it's not junk food.  My friend is a bio-geneticist and gave me a NIH article on body fat.  I thought body fat was just something I lugged around.  I didn't know our excess fat cells secrete hormones that CAUSE cravings for foods that will make us fatter, interfere with our ability to tell when to STOP eating and quickly store the excess food as more body fat!!!  Further, excess fat cells CAUSE inflamation and can negatively affect our mood.  YIKES!  It creeps me out.

Why would our bodies be designed to make us worse?  It goes completely against our purpose to survive.  My theory is when we increase our level of body fat or eat certain foods, our body thinks we are preparing for a famine.  So it encourages us to get fatter, overeat and move less (due to pain) to give us the best chance of survival.  Watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead several times was enough to convince me to made dramatic diet changes.  That, and the chronic pain of arthritis.  I need both knees replaced from carrying 70 pounds of excess weight for 15 years.  I always thought of being fat as a cosmetic issue.  I didn't know I was hurting myself so much.  I've lost 15 pounds and my diet is 95% fresh, whole vegetables & fruit.  Cravings are gone!  I'm not even tempted.  Our bodies are miraculous.  We just need to understand them and give them what they really need and want to be healthy and feel good. 

Adrienne Sajecki said...

Hi  Pam! I am not surprised that you feel better! You look fabulous BTW! I had/have a lot of the same issues you expressed and I have been clean eating (for the most part) for about 8 weeks now. I feel so much better, I have more energy. Eating clean means eating what the earth gives you, no high processed foods, no refined sugar,whole grains,ect. It is funny how your body does not crave sugar anymore once you rid it from your system!! Congrats! OH and I have not had one of my cookies in a long while! lol

Kathleenmcguirk said...

Pam, You look fantastic!  Can you give us a sample of what your diet is for 2 or 3 days?  Thanks.  Kathy

Lorna said...

You look AMAZING.  I was on Weight Watchers... it worked , lost 30 lbs ... then gained 25 lbs right back.  Making and eating sugar cookies doesn't help.  Anyhow ... What an inspiration you are !!  I would love some for your " healthy " cookie recipes.
CONGRATULATIONS on the " new " you !!!!  

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Don't be discouraged, Kim. Just keep doing what you know to do. It will pay off in the end. I'm glad to be an encouragement to you. :) ♥♥♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

TOTALLY agree, Donna. :) ♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Thanks so much. :) And yes, making some life changes could make a HUGE difference. I encourage you to take the plunge. My pleasure to share. ♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Please do plunge forward with the gluten free stuff, Kim. Check out some of those blogs.....they have some FANTASTIC recipes that I have a feeling your children might like. I've been amazed at how even my pickiest eaters will like the grain free stuff too. :) You can do it! ♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

I totally agree about the cravings being gone. Once I got off didn't bother me to be around it and not eat it. It is definitely an addictive thing. But I'm around it all the time......and not even tempted to eat it.

I'm so happy about your weight loss and eating whole foods. Good job!!!! ♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Adrienne......eating clean. That is exactly what my doctor calls it. And boy, does it feel great! :)

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Hi Kathy, I'm not really on a "diet" per say anymore. I just eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, greek yogurt, grain free breads, etc, low fat meats, fish,  eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, nut butters, etc. I try to eat as much organic food as possible. The main thing.......I don't eat wheat or any grain.....and try to eat very little refined sugar... I sweeten my hot drinks with stevia. And when I'm baking......I try to stick with raw honey and pure maple syrup for sweetening.

Haniela said...

I'm so happy for you Pam, it is  a life changing experience, really challenging at times I'm sure, but totally worth it, for first you really look amazing and I'm glad you are feeling better too. I've been eating clean food for over 10 years, but I try to eat everything, in moderation though, that is why I go to trouble making my own graham crackers, because I want to know what is in it. I  rarely eat meat.  As for sugar, I use honey nearly for everything that I eat. Love honey. Congratulations!

dalia mordechai said...

You look amazing! Well done!!!

Plepoma said...

I admire you for taking control of your life. You look amazing and so so happy.  I will pray for the strength to overcome some of my bad eating habits and fet on the right track.  Thank you for your inspiration.

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Thank you, my sweet Hani. :) You inspire me every day. ♥♥

Lorraine said...

Pam I love your story and thanks for sharing. I too am trying to cut out as much processed food as I can. My mother has cancer and I have been reading a book which contributes a lot of cancers to processed foods and am trying to eat the same way - less carbohydrates, sugars and more veggies, fruits, anything which is as minimially processed as I can. I am not perfect but I try to make better choices. I too decorate cookies and love your sentiment about cookies being for special occasions - I totally agree with you!!!

Karen Bond said...

Wow Pam, that is so awesome and inspiring and you look fabulous.  Thank you for sharing your story!

Craftyhsmom said...

I love your blog and I am so grateful that you offer so much instruction and information at no cost. I have been wanting to start doing decorated cookies but as I struggle with my weight, I have been afraid to start and have cookies in the house. Your story is so inspirational and right on the mark. Thank you so much for sharing. It was just what I needed! Congratulations - you look great!

Httbrown said...

Oh such a moving post from you, and your photo change is amazing. I too have struggled with weight and
the beginning stages of menopose (46 yrs old now, ugh!). I definately plan to visit your favorite links on the subjects.
I have also lost weight in a very similar way (no carbs-breads,sweets,etc) when my son entered Marine bootcamp last
Sept. I began my 40 lbs journey. Definately a life style change but like you I feel so much better without the weight and
eating much heathier. I wish you continued health and much success with your new life!
Tammy Brown (

Almu from Spain said...

Congratulations! You look great!
And I LOVE your cookies!!
Thanks so much for sharing your art!

Tracy Vasquez said...

Wow Pam, what awesome progress!  

Winsome248 said...

Thanks for the motivation, Pam!  I ordered the Wheat Belly book and today is two weeks since I started.  Like you, I had been feeling fat and less than good for some time.  Today when I got up I noticed that my stomach was feeling much better, a lot of the bloated feeling was gone.  

Sue Sparks said...

You look so amazing, Pam!  And you FEEL amazing, which is even better!  Thanks for the inspiration!  My husband lost 60 pounds and has now kept it off for six years! I lost 40 at the same time, but have gained back 30 of it:(  I do have an autoimmunine  disease. so need to look into a no wheat diet, as you mentioned in a comment. Anyway, I am ready to make a life change and this post was the extra impetus I needed to get going...THANKS!!!

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awesome! I am so happy for you. You will begin to see more and more improvements the longer you stay away from wheat. It is truly amazing. I'm so happy that I could inspire you. God bless you richly. :) ♥

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Sue.....this is wonderful news. Interesting......Wheat Belly talks about autoimmune diseases. At least read the book and see what you think. Many MDs will be skeptical......but how can it hurt to cut wheat out of your diet just to see if it improves your health, ya know?

I wish you much success and blessings. :) ♥

CeCe said...

This is so awesome. I never knew this story and even thinking back when I first found your blog you appear just as you do right now, beautiful. Thanks for being a motivation to us all.

cookiecrazielady said...

You're so sweet, CeCe. I love you, dear one. ♥♥

Leah Berry said...

Hi Pam,
I love your blog. I also use glaze to decorate cookies. I love reading about your journey with weight loss. I also live off of carbohydrates and sugar and for a double whamie I don't like most veggies. I try to go on a whole foods diet but get bored quickly and go back to old habits. Any tips or advice you may have for someone like me would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
Leah Berry

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Leah. Suggestions......pray a lot and ask for God's strength. That's the ONLY way I did it. :)

You really have to move away from your whole mind set of food. I had to let go of my most favorite foods. And when I really think about it now......there's nothing I eat that I REALLY LOVE anymore. It's just food. It's fuel for my body. Eating is not what it was before (and that is a GOOD thing!). It's become an regular activity in my life to sustain my life. ( was an experience. I lived to eat.....and you have to get to where you eat to live.)

As far as not loving'd be amazed at how your tastes change once you stop eating all the processed, artificially flavored foods we consume on a daily basis. You start craving foods you never thought you'd crave. Your body gets cleaned out of all the garbage.....and it knows what it NEEDS. Now I enjoy vegetables that I could easily pass up all the time before. (I was always going for the WORSE foods I could have possibly eaten.) And FRUITS have become dessert to me. Amazing. :)

I highly recommend you reading Wheat Belly. It is a bit technical at the beginning with the history of wheat and the science of wheat......but push through it to find out some amazing facts about our food.

Watch a few King Corn, Food Inc, Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. These will really open your eyes!

I wish you much success, Leah. And if I can help in any way, let me know. :)


Andres Hogg said...

Hi Pam,

I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

stomach support
stomach help

Fannie said...

Wow, Pam! You look Gawjuss!!!! Very proud of you. I think I'll follow your lead!

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