Thursday, May 3, 2012

CookieCrazieBasics: Bagging Glaze Tip Gets Even Better!

Even though I've already covered bagging glaze in this previous post:
I wanted to show you an additional tip
that has made bagging even better.

As I shared before.....the ultimate bagging tip is from
Karen in her video 
If you've not seen this, watch it!
I remember the first time I saw it......
I was stunned.
I thought of all the past headaches from filling bags.....
and how Karen had just simplified one of the most
frustrating parts of decorating (messy too)
 in a matter of seconds!
I was THRILLED, to say the least.

Recenlty,I came across a post from
Wonderland Sweets & Treats
about using Press N Seal instead
of plastic wrap for Karen's trick.

It's awesome.

The Press N Seal really meshes when you press it together
(thus, the name....haha).
This means the icing WILL NOT come out the other end.
Plus, you can use a smaller piece
and it is much easier to manage than regular plastic wrap.

Highly recommended. :)


thepartiologist said...

Great idea!! 

SugarNosh said...

I saw that too and I just bought a 3 pack of Press & Seal at Costco! Can't wait to try it.

Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking said...

Oh I've used this trick a few times already when I wanted different coloured buttercream icing in one swirl on my cupcakes. No press n seal here so I'll just settle with my plastic wrap.

Betty Jo said...

I've tried this before, but I still had icing leak out of the bag.  If you are using the same color but with different tip sizes, do you create a bag for each one or do you change tips as needed?  I start having problems when I try to change my tips.......

SweetSugarBelle said...

I hoard this stuff!!!

CookieCrazie Pam said...

So sorry you are having trouble with leakage, Betty Jo. :( I've never had a problem with it while using Press N Seal. And yes, I change tips on a bag constantly as I'm decorating.

Tara Barnett said...

I just used this trick for the first time tonight.  LOVING it so far!

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