Monday, April 30, 2012

Umbrella Cookie (Tutorial)

Don't wanna be all wet in the rain?

OK....Umbrella cookies aren't really going to help you there....
but they sure are cute. ;)

To make umbrella cookies you'll need:

Of the two umbrellas I is hand cut and
one is made from a fluted circle cutter and a rectangle cutter.

Just cut two pieces of the circle cookie out
(kind of like small pie pieces) leaving a handle. :)

Once your cookies are baked, 
outline and flood the handle with gray glaze.

After at least 30 minutes of dry time,
add the outline of your umbrella.
(Notice I printed out clipart and used it as reference.)

After 20-30 minutes dry time,
fill in alternating sections of top 
and inside layers of umbrella.

Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes.....
and then flood the remaining segments.
After it has dried for another 30 minutes, 
Outline the rim of the umbrella.....
the part that should be "protruding" out closest to you.

Once the cookies have dried for several hours or overnight,
mix together a drop of almond extract with some silver luster dust.
Paint "silver" onto the gray part of the handle.
on how to use silver luster dust.


The Cookie Corne AZ said...

I like how you created depth.  Awesome!  In AZ we only need an umbrella to shade us from the sun today! HOT!

Lexy said...

April Showers do bring us May Flowers.  Really nice idea to share about cutting out clip art sketch.  Will be of great help to me because I can't draw at all.

How big are your final cookies?  Just too cute.

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Thanks Lexy! :) These cookies were about 4" tall.....maybe just under that. With the bottom only being the handle....they were definitely not too big.

Liz said...

Love these!  So cute!!!!

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