Sunday, April 22, 2012

Realtor Thank You Cookie Collection

The rest of the Realtor Thank You Cookie Collection.....

The cookie request was to make cookies
to thank my friend's realtor who
worked hard and went to bat for them 
like a "bull dog" to make the 
purchase of the new home happen.

My favorite.......used clipart when I Googled the subject
 that showed something similar. :)


Shirley said...

Fabulous idea! The dog face is amazing too. I checked on your other little houses and they are fab. Thanks!

thepartiologist said...

Pam, what a great set these are - it would make buying or selling a home better then ever!

Andrea said...

LOVE the calendar!  Just did realtor thank you cookies last week and wish I had thought of that!  Very clever!!!

marla meyer said...

I love the new look to your blog.  Just noticed the pin it button, clever.  The calender is great.

Shaira said...

This is great! Will definitely try this for for my real estate friends and for myself.

Ababa Ruby said...

:) I love the idea of this.. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea ,so I guess I'd start now so that I could give my realtor in nigeria hotels something that he could much on. 

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