Thursday, April 19, 2012

House Key Cookie (Tutorial)

Some have asked how to make keys 
like I made in the

Thankfully, I just happened to take 
photos for a tutorial on making keys. :)

To make house key cookies you will need:

** Note: I couldn't find a regular shaped key cookie cutter,
so I hand cut these cookies.
My suggestion to you is to Google "house key"
and find a key shape like this one,
print it out, and then follow my instructions

Outline the key cookie with grey glaze.
Be sure to add the key hole outline at the top.
Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

 Flood key with silver glaze. (sorry no photo)

Allow cookie to dry for about 1 hr.
Press a long thin (clean!) object
into the partially dried glaze to
make some realistic key grooves.
I used my handy dandy cake tester. :)

Allow the cookie to dry overnight.

Brush a combination of silver luster dust
and almond extract onto the keys
to give them a nice silver sheen.

And there you have some silver shiny keys 
to use for a house warming, realtor thank you,
or various other custom cookie collections. :)

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Janine416 said...

Thank u for posting this. I've been wondering how u get the metal look. What's the ratio of extract to lustre dust that u suggest using?

Bea Garcia said...

These look like the real thing! Have I told you my husband is a Professional Key Loser??? He loses around 6 key sets A YEAR!! Ridiculous! lol

marisaguerler said...

Gracia, me encata este blog.

Cristin Sohm said...

These would be so fun for a new home owner! Excellent job Pam! Thanks for sharing!

Macon Batches said...

Hi Pam,
It was nice meeting you at Spring Fling this past weekend.  I am really going to try your glaze icing again.  I'm so glad to find this post.  I was wondering how the person got the shiny silver look on the mint julep cup.....Now I know!

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