Monday, April 9, 2012

CookieCrazieBasics: Decorating With Glaze - Layering Details

After knowing how to outline and flood
your cookie with glaze icing,
it is time to layer all
the fun details.

 Unless you are doing wet on wet technique
(adding polka dots, lines, etc 
to a wet icing base
that will sink in and be level 
with the base icing)
you will have to be very
patient with glaze icing.

In order to get dimension,
texture....and the 3D look,
you have to add layers in steps,
allowing for dry time between each layer.

The amount of dry time depends on 
what kind of detail it is,
what color your adding on top
of another color, etc.

Anytime you add dark contast 
colored icing to lighter icing,
(i.e. black, red, navy)
you will need extra dry time.
And if it is black against light colors,
drying overnight is a good idea.

Here's some examples of layering details.

Adding basic stitch lines to hearts
(Note: I let these hearts dry overnight
with their base coat
before adding the stitches.)

 Baby Onesie details....

Flower details.....

When doing lettering details,
I suggest using a #1 tip to outline them.
Notice the paw on the left,
I used a #2 tip....
but the one on the right, 
I used a #1.
There was a dramatic difference in the results.

And finally,
the more detailed the cookie,
the more layers (and time!) required.

These lamb faces took several steps
and lots of drying time.
But they were worth it,
don't you think?

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Bea Garcia said...

Love the Lambies and Stitched Red Hearts, Pam!

cjknauf said...

I can't find your pictures from your cookie camp, I looked at them and don't know where I found them. Please tell me where to find them, I found them very fun and interesting.

cookiecrazielady said...

There's a search on the blog that will help you find anything.

Here you go:

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

Great tutorial as always Pam! Your cookies are gorgeous. That little adorable lamb was definitely worth all the waiting between colors! People that don't decorate cookies don't understand that we have to wait between colors so they won't bleed or allow drying time to start the next layer. They think we just whip all these out so quickly and easily! Then there are those that understand and appreciate all the work, all the detail and all the love that goes into these cookies. The love that you put into yours definitely shines through Pam! Great job and thanks for sharing!

Laurel said...

Pam. do you plan your cookies/layering on paper before you start?

marisaguerler said...

Gracias por tus tutorias, son prsiosas.

Sandy Dickson said...

I love using the glaze recipe for my base, but when I use it for laying, it ends up being a bit opaque rather than a nice, solid bright color. What am I doing wrong? Do you use a LOT of color in the glaze you use for piping on details?  Right now I use the glaze for the base, and then my old stand-by royal icing for piping details.

Yaneri R. Rodriguez said...

Thank u for sharing this tutorial!! How long does it take to dry before doing the layering for dimension? Also I have a question and it's related about some mini cakes and thought I ask for your opinion. I want to do these mini marvel cakes.I need to make 8 of them. Do you think these are covered with royal icing? Would your glazing icing work with it? I really don't like the taste of RI! Also this is awesome we can add pics to your comment section!!! Thank u so much CCL!!!! ♥

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Yaneri. I am so glad to share with you.

Dry depends. If you are trying to prevent bleeding (like black, red, dark blue....) then I would say the dry time would be a few hours. But generally you can add new layers in 20-30 minutes. I work on all my cookies at once allowing the layers to dry as I move on to the next ones. It works well.

Those cakes are awesome! I don't know if glaze would work, but I would definitely give it a try. It would be so worth it if it did, wouldn't it?

Thanks for writing. :)

Kathy said...

Hi Pam, Thanks for showing us how to layer with glaze. How much thicker is the glaze to add these details? Are we adding just a little more powdered sugar? Thank you.

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