Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cherry Blossom Cookie Extravaganza

I couldn't just make a simple flower for 
my cherry blossom contribution to the 

I "needed" to make a whole set, ya know? ;)

I loved making the flowers.....
but I've always wanted to make a cherry blossom branch.

AND.....I LOVE gingham, so I wanted to do
something with gingham.

I did several sizes of blossoms.....
but other than the two 5 petal
cherry blossoms I did on circles,
the others are not correct
since they have 6 petals.
So please excuse my lack of
flower authenticity!

The branch was fun and relatively simple.

 I did the gingham the hard way on this cookie....
piping squares in three different colors.
This is before I started experimenting
on doing it with airbrush.
And then I saw a tutorial on using color spray. : /
So I guess you won't be seeing a tutorial 
from me on that subject.
But I definitely plan to do more gingham
since I love it so much. :)

Note: I originally put these cookies
on a bright green background.

EEEKKK! What was I thinking????
After a few days I came to my senses and
returned to a normal white background. :)

My precious friend, Bea of Cancun Cookies posted
a tutorial on how she did her
Sunflower Garden Plaque.
Check it out!

Easter Cookies.....coming up. :)


NoYoMoCo said...


Bea @ CancunCOOKIES said...

I think you conquered Gingham, Pam! I love the Plaque with the shaded font... and  the Cherry Branch: PRETTY! Thanks for sharing my work, I feel honored to be in your blog... I love you!

Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs said...

The three cookie designs make a beautiful presentation together! Can one of you persuade a vendor to make a gingham stencil? I don't even want to go there, attempting to cut straight lines across plastic. I did find a spatula in my drawer that has the cutouts. I intend to give that a try. The whole spray thing is ingenious! I may need to shadow your ideas here for my daughter's birthday or a set of Mother's Day cookies. They are feminine and sweet. Thanks for sharing . . . And yes, sometimes plain old white can't be beat for the background.

Rldduet said...

I love cherry blossoms.  I love them on cakes and now I can say I love them on cookies.  Nice work, Pam!

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