Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime Faces Collection: Chick (tutorial)

I'm way overdue in the tutorial here we go.

Let's make some fun spring cookies
using very basic shapes!

Starting with the simple chick face.....

You will need:

Outline and flood the oval cookies with yellow icing. 
Contrary to what the photo shows
(opps....I forgot!)
immediately add the black sugar pearl eyes.
Let dry for at least an hour.

Add outline for beak.
You can make this as small or large as you like.
Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes before filling.

Tada.....the black sugar pearls are suddenly in place. ;)

After the base has dried overnight,
you can add eyebrows or whatever 
you'd like to the chick facial expressions.

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Don't you just love spring and all the cuteness? :)


NoYoMoCo said...

Cute faces!

Rldduet said...

Yes!  Finally Spring (although did we really have a winter?) and what a great way to ring it in!   Love these cute cookies Pam.

LilaLoa said...

I LOVE the little eyelashes!! They are so delicate.

PS -- you're not going to believe what cookies are sitting on my counter ready to be decorated into 3 little spring faces.....

Dharma said...

Son una preciosidad. Como siempre genial y creativa. Un saludo

amanda said...


Sarah (Canterbury Cakes) said...

I love that spring is in the air. Everything seems so much better when the sun is out. It feels like it's been a long, grey winter here. These are so cute, just the thing to cheer everyone up!

Pauline said...

What adorable faces!  Love the little eyelashes - I can just picture how cute those would be in an Easter basket!

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