Monday, March 26, 2012

Following CookieCrazie

 Since I'm in the process of a blog makeover.....
I thought a little spring cleaning was in order. :)

(please excuse the boring techie info
within this just needs to be said...)

is no longer offered to non-Blogger blogs
it seems like a good time to remove that 
feature from my blog.
Even though I use Blogger,
many other blogs don't.
Why keep something that is
only available to a few?

If you've been using Google Friend Connect,
there's lots of other options to keep up 
with CookieCrazie 
(and all your other favorite blogs, for that matter).

Stay Connected to CookieCrazie:
I just signed up for Blog Lovin' today.....and I'm lovin' it. :)
It's nice and simple.....
and updates you in your Nav bar
when any new blog posts are ....posted. 
Now I can keep up with my favorite blogs easily. 
Lovin' it!
(sorry....I couldn't resist a second time.)

For lots of more info on this subject, 
check out Callye's post
She even shows you how to sign up for RSS feed.
Love that girl! :)

Next time.....back to cookies.....PROMISE!


thepartiologist said...

Wow, I'm doing a little spring cleaning myself - only with hired help!  Thanks for the update!  I subscribe through e-mail so I won't miss a thing!

Funkcarrie said...

These changes have upset me greatly.  I use blogspot.  Thanks for showing me how to get bloglovin!  I'm still having trouble with RSS feeds!  I'll never be able to make cookies like all you wonderful ladies, but I can dream!  I do so love seeing them, and learning your techniques.  You are so gifted.  Have a blessed magical day.  Carrie

Sarah (Canterbury Cakes) said...

I discovered Bloglovin a little while ago and really rely on it now. It's taken a while to transfer everything over to it, but I'm getting there!

cookiecrazielady said...

Sarah....I've only had Blog Lovin' a few days....and it has been wonderful. I feel totally connected now. Yeah! :)

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