Monday, March 12, 2012

CookieCrazieBasics: Decorate With Glaze - Outline & Flood

FINALLY it's time to DECORATE!

The most basic part of decorating sugar cookies
is the base coat.
It is just a matter of outlining the shape
and then adding the icing to cover
everything within the outline (flood).

It's not much different to outline & flood with glaze
compared to royal icing.

The one thing I've found with glaze...
if you want a "puffier" look for your base coat
or for a certain part of your cookie,
you need to let the outline dry
before you add the flood.
The sturdier outline wall holds the icing up higher.

Now if you are opposed to having an outline "line" around your cookie,
you can outline and flood immediately.
But the icing will be a bit flatter.
Your choice......

In the photos above, 
I used my typical sized tips for
outline and flood.
Most of the time,
I outline with a #2 round tip
and then flood with a #4 round tip.

However....there are times when it is best to outline
with a #1 tip in order to achieve
more precise form.
I had an example of that last week 
that I'll show you soon.
I was outlining letters and
found that a #2 tip created a sloppy line.

here's my videos.
Please don't laugh.
I'm not much of a video person......
but I felt like outlining
and flooding needed to be visual via video.
Since I don't have video editing software,
these are really rough.
But I think you'll get the idea.....
and that's the point, right?

First outlining the cookie.....

Then flooding the cookie.....
(again, excuse how poor these are...)

There you have it......
the cookie is covered in icing. Yeah!

To learn how to layer details on the cookie
once the outline and flood are in place, go to
Decorating With Glaze - Layering Details

For the CookieCrazie glaze recipe and lots of tips about it, go HERE.
For coloring glaze icing, go HERE
 For bagging glaze icing, go HERE

For older posts on decorating, Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

Happy Decorating!


Kenni Simpson said...

I really love the look of glaze, but I just don't have the patience to work with it. This series is making me want to give it another try, if only for the base.

Dharma said...

Muchisimas gracias por la explicacion y los videos. Soy incapaz de atreverme con la glasa, me parece preciosa pero muy dificil. Saludos desde Madrid

Kathy said...

I tried your glaze recipe!  It is AWESOME!  I have always worked with royal in the past, no more! Totally LOVE it!  Thank You for sharing!  Your work is FABULOUS!

Skturg said...

Your videos were nice and clear. It was very easy in the video to see how it was coming out of the tip and how fast it spread. That will really help me with consistancy.  Thank you!

cookiecrazielady said...

Awww....thanks so much. I don't have a lot of confidence in my videography at I'm glad the videos served their purpose. My pleasure. :)

Sarah Cosway said...

Fab tutorial - thanks so much for sharing. I haven't been brave enough to try glaze yet...but might just have to give it a go!

amanda said...

I am looking forward to more videos and techniques.  I like your videos they are to the point and very clear. 

CookieCrazie said...

Thanks for your kindness, Amanda.

I cringe when I think about my videos. There are certainly not my strong point. I don't plan on making very many of them. For one thing....I have no idea what I'm doing when I make them. ;) And secondly......I'd much prefer to show you how to do things via pictorials. :)

amanda said...

Either way I am still gonna visit. : )

WokandSpoon said...

Hello there. Bit of a late comment but I just stumbled across your blog. I'm completely new to cookie decorated and this might be a bit of a silly question. I'm guessing that the glaze that you use to outline has a thicker consistency than the flooding? Is that right? Thanks and I love the tutorials!

Grammix3 said...

Wow, I have been doing Color Flooding cookies for quite a while and love it. When I found your site and started reading I was more excited. I love your wet on wet and I am making your icing recipe tonight for some shower cookies. Your video, and yes it is good, really helped me understand the difference between what I've been doing and what I am going to START doing thanks to your wonderful Tutorials. Thanks so much.

CookieCrazie Pam said...

Awww.....thanks for such an encouraging comment Grammix3. :) I'm so glad that my posts are helping. ♥

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