Friday, March 2, 2012

CookieCrazieBasics: Bagging Glaze Icing

Now that we have the glaze icing colored
let's get it in decorating bags so we can get to the fun part!

Here's what we're shootin' for.....

First we have to assemble all our tools.

One thing I forgot to mention in the coloring post......
this little squirt bottle is your friend! 

When you're trying to get the icing to
fit the 10 second rule,
just add one squirt at a time until you've thinned it just right.
A perfect (and inexpensive) MUST HAVE addition
to your decorating supplies

 You'll need decorating bags
(Wilton is fine, Ateco is better)

Then you'll need decorating tips.
I mostly have Wilton #1s, #2s, #3s, & #4s.
My favorite PMEs are #1 and #1.5.
I store them all in this handy little craft box
that I bought at Walmart.

It also holds all my couplers.

An important word on couplers.....
I dislike Wilton's couplers VERY MUCH!
They cross thread easily and I've had to throw many out.
Ateco brand couplers are AWESOME!
You can buy them HERE.
Highly recommended.

Love these purple bag ties. :)

And finally, I LOVE these tip covers.
When you're finished decorating for the day,
just pop one of these covers over the tip on the bag,
and you can save the bagged icing for the next time.
(No refrigeration needed.)

Enough on tools......let's get to bagging this icing!

The best and easiest trick to bagging your icing
is from Karen (Karen's Cookies).
Watch her video HERE.
Bagging icing becomes a breeze once you
start using this wonderful tip. =)

Here's my pictorial
of Karen's bagging method.

And there you have it......
beautifully bags of icing
ready to make beautiful cookies!

For the CookieCrazie glaze recipe and lots of tips about it, go HERE.

For coloring glaze icing, go HERE.
For my older blog post on Coloring & Bagging Icing, go HERE.
And here's my older blog post entitled "Let's Talk About Corn Syrup Glaze Icing" HERE.


Cristin Sohm said...

Great job Pam! Wonderful post. I didn't know Ateco had bags, I'll have to look into those. I use Ateco couplers and even Ateco decorating tips. I've grown to despise the Wilton ones. I re-use all my decorating bags repeatedly ever since I found Karen's way of filling the bags. It's heaven and such a money and time saver! Thanks for sharing!

Barb Kelly said...

I bought some of those tip covers but they don't stay on.  I don't know what I am doing wrong :(

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Barb.....I'm so sorry you're having problems with them. I'm using the smaller green ones. The larger pink ones are for the huge cake decorating tips. Mine come off on occasion when I'm pulling lots of decorating bags out of a gallon sized ziploc bag.....but other than that, they stay on just fine. Sorry I'm not much help.

Lilaloa said...

We have the same tip and couple storage system! Yeay craft boxes!! Oh -- and I am SO SUPER glad you tell everyone about Ateco couplers -- I started buying them a year ago when you mentioned it and they are SO MUCH BETTER!!!

cookiecrazielady said...

So glad you love the Ateco couplers as much as I do, Georganne. :)

Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking said...

Super post, Pam. I'm definitely going to take everything mentioned on-board and I learnt a lot with this one post too. I didn't know that the Wilton couplers did that. I have 2 Wilton couplers but when i bought more recently I bought the Ateco brand as they were a better deal. I'll definitely stick with the Ateco couplers now.

As for the glaze being stored after use - brilliant! I never thought of that and must've wasted a lot. One question though: if I use RI with real egg white instead of glaze, how long will it keep bagged? I guess it's better to use meragne powder but again not sure if it'll keep as glaze would. Does Karen at Karen's cookies stock and sell the tip covers? I need some now for this to work and haven't seen anything locally.

Thanks again for all your help. I've learnt so much from your blog already! :)

cookiecrazielady said...

Hey Lisa. Glad you're learning so much here.

You'll have to ask a royal icing user about the storage, etc.

Karen's Cookies does not carry the tip covers.

Julianne said...

That bagging tip from Karen's Cookies has to be the best ever.  I've been using it for my buttercream frosting for a while now but was always wary of using it for glaze, thinking the more runny consistency would be a nightmare to try and squish into the clingfilm - I'm glad this isn't the case!  I've had no luck trying to find the Wilton tip covers in the UK.  Are there any DIY alternatives?

cookiecrazielady said...

Before I had the tip covers, I use to cut small pieces of plastic wrap and wrap each tip in them. It's a bit time consuming.....but it does the job. :)

Doris Jimison said...

Love your tutorials. Not only are you doing something for Jesus in the Ukraine, you share your knowledge freely. You are outstanding, serious. Okay, I got my glaze to a good 10 second rule. This is a lot of fun going one step at a time. If you ever want to teach a class in the fall, after August, I would sign up in a heart-beat. I wish that one of you Cookie Mavens could hold classes. That would be a lot of fun!

Judy said...

I have used a glaze recipe for years. I  use a buttercream frosting to add details. I don't use butter, it's crisco for me and I use almond flavoring for the glaze and frosting. I hate royal Icing because of the taste. My favorite cookies are those that have a combination of both glaze and frosting.

shalom said...

I have Wilton couplers I bought in the 80's and maybe some in the 90's. They work great, I've never had a problem with them. I guess the quality has gone down. Mine have a slit in the shaft are that the tip fits on. If you see any those on ebay they might be good ones. My tip covers are also different, Instead of fitting on the tube itself, they slip over the coupling ring, I don't know if they would work with the new couplers (might be a different size), but they work well for my couplers.
I have tried some generic disposable bags in the past (don't remember the brand, but it was in the 90's). The seems split, so I went back to Wilton. There may be some better quality generic or other brand bags now.
I just found out about the bag trick (after I made the cake for ds Eagle Scout Court of Honor). I am eager to try it, but don't know when that will be because I don't do decorating much anymore. I have Essential Tremors - the same thing Kathryn Hepburn had and it sometimes makes me too shaky.
I use egg white powder (it's called Just Whites) instead of meringue for my icing. It works great and I like the flavor of my ri flavored with vanilla and almond. Maybe the egg white powder tastes better because it doesn't have all those additives.
Here's an idea: I used palm sugar (also called coconut palm) in the icing for the Eagle Scout cake. It adds a nice caramel flavor to the icing. The sugar needs to be ground to powder (it is granular) and it gives the icing a caramel color which would be a good base for adding black or brown coloring to, but not most other colors.

shalom said...

This is what my couplers look like (I didn't see a slit in yours) - not sure if these are the same quality or if the quality went down with the new design.
Oh and I did still add vanilla and almond to the icing along with the palm sugar - it had a wonderful flavor. You might have to test to see if it will set up in your glaze. It seemed to work in the ri, but the cake didn't last long enough to tell for sure.

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions, @8b5a703fea73d037b63ee2f537c6abfb:disqus. I've just recently started using coconut palm sugar and LOVE it. :) ♥

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