Sunday, February 19, 2012

House For Sale/ Realtor Thank You Cookies


But I've got this collection of cookies from the last few months that I've not posted &
I'm hoping you want to see matter how random. :)

A friend's family sold their house (after it being on the market a LONG time)
and were so happy with their realtor's service that they wanted to thank them. 

Fun cookies to make.
And these ideas can be use for a New Neighbor theme too. 

I did a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" theme back in August found HERE and HERE.


Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking said...

Wow, I'm loving the house move cookies. I think my favorite is the swinging sign, I love the detail you've drawn onto them. The silver key is awesome too. I bet the estate agent was delighted to receive these cookies.

You've left us on a cliffhanger too. I'm wanting to know what's happening soon. :)


thebearfootbake said...

Really cute cookies and a great idea for a house warming present! Thanks for sharing:)

Sheri Mandell said...

You are just so crafty, artistic and a wonderful person to make the cookies for the realtor!  Wonderful gift for so many happy people.  You placed a smile on my face.

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