Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday from SweetSugarBelle :)

A very dear friend helped me come up with this
whole idea of birthday week for CookieCrazie.
We were planning some other things for our blogs when I realized
that my blog birthday was coming up.

What fun it has been to pull together lots of
different things to celebrate the event.

But you's not really about the blog.....
as much as it is about the people & relationships
surrounding the cookie community.
I've met many.....
and feel like I'm meeting at least one new one every day.

One of my bestie cookie friends is sweet Callye.

She agreed to help me celebrate by writing a guest post
for CookieCrazie's special day.

No need for introduction.....
I'll hand this post over to dear SweetSugarBelle. :)


Today is a very big day for my friend Pam. 
 I “met” Pam three years ago when
 Now, four years later I am excited to help her
celebrate the birthday of her blog, Cookie Crazie.

As I mentioned before, I have known Pam since
almost the beginning of my cookie adventure.
She was one of the first cookiers to seek me out,
encourage me, and become a friend.

Just a few years later,
it's really mind-blowing to me that a simple
Flickr comment has turned into a lifelong friend. 

Anyway, today I'm here to celebrate
CookieCrazie's birthday the best way I know how.

In honor of this special day
I'm going to show you how to make
number cookies with birthday hats.
These can be adapted to any number you like,
but today, of course,
I am making the number four!

To make these cookies you will need:
·      White piping and flood icing
·         Pink piping and flood icing
·         Stiff orange piping and flood icing
·         Yellow flood icing
To create this cookie I connected a star point to a “4”.

Begin by outlining the cookie as shown below.
 I used a marker to pre-mark the center of the cookie as a guide.

Next fill the “4” with pink flood icing.
 Let the cookie dry for an hour or two before moving on.

 Next, fill the “hat” and add flowers using the wet on wet technique.
 Since the flower detail is a bit small,
I used bottles like THESE fitted with a #1.5 PME tip.

At this point let the cookie dry for three to four hours.
To finish up, use a #233 tip to add a fringe and top to the party hat.

Let dry and you have a cute custom cookie everyone will love.

I would love to wish Cookie Crazie a very happy fourth birthday!
I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!


Oh Sweet Sugar Belle.....
You DO know how to celebrate Cookie Style....

You can see lots more of SSB wonderful-ness

Thank you so much for sharing
festive birthday number cookies with us, Callye.
I LOVE the orange & pink
and those FRINGES!
(That's not something you can do easily with glaze.)

And thanks for the birthday wishes......
from you and SO MANY 
CookieCrazie fans.
I'm lovin' all the comments, everyone.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

I am a VERY BLESSED person.

Don't forget to participate in the

And get ready.......
tomorrow is the BIG DAY.

See you at the party!!!!!!


Bea García said...

Yay! Love seeing two of my favorite COOKIE friends play COOKIE! Happy Birthday, Pam! My wish for you is many years of COOKIES and blogging... xox

Haniela said...

What sweet sweet cookies! Happy 4th Birthday Pam.

Gina@BendCookieCompany said...

HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY, PAM!  You and Calleye are  among my "Cookie Goddesses" that have helped me in my cookie journey!  Thanks for all you do!  Gina

Sue Sparks said...

Callye, The hat on the number is precious! I want to try it.  I have all the numbers for the munchkins' birthdays so this will add some cuteness to them for sure!
Happy 4th birthday, Pam!

Laura Pokas said...

Happy Birthday Cookie Crazie!  Very creative, Calley! 

Like cookies, friendships take a lot of time and effort, but the results are oh so worth it when it comes time to enjoy them.

Lisa Thebearfootbaker said...

Happy Blog Birthday Pam!!! I am so happy you are blogging!! I hope you have another 100 years of your sweet blog!!!

May and Kay said...

Dear Pam,
We are so blessed to see you celebrate 4 years of blogging -- Congratulations!!  And to our other special friend, Sugarbelle, who knew the number 4 could be so beautiful!  It is our priviledge to know you both :)
May and Kay
Cookie Two Shoes

Ashleigh said...

Adorable birthday cookies Callye!  And congratulations Pam!  Your cookie creations are always amazing!

Diane George said...

Happy Birthday guys you are so inspirational to us

trilogyedibles said...

Happy blog birthday Pam and Callye always makes the most special cookies!  Love you guys!

Shirley Vass said...

Happy Birthday, Pam, again!!! Today is the Big Day. Lovely celebration cookies. Have visited SweetSugarBelle's site and her creations are just gorgeous. For many of you that comment might be an established fact, but for me, new comer in the cookie world, to be exposed to such a nice and talented community it is just wonderful, so much talent together. And I must say that Cookie Crazie was one of the first cookie sites I ever came across and it just made me fall in love, I just had to subscribe immediately. Just can't get enough of it and very often I find myself into the wee hours, drifting away while exploring Cookie Crazie's blogs. Still have not seen them all, 4 years of daily inputs is some reading to do, apart from the fact that I tend to go back and read some blogs over and over again.  Much love and God Bless!

In Katrina's Kitchen said...

Hooooorayyy!!! Happy 4 years!!! xoxo- Katrina

Sonia said...

Enhorabuena por las galletas son increibles y sobre todo, por tu blog, me encanta, tienes unos diseños super lindos y unos trucos geniales. Me hago seguidora tuya. Si quieres puedes pasarte por mi blog y si te gusta me dejas un comentario, te haces seguidor, lo que tu desees.


Sarah (Canterbury Cakes) said...

These are so beautiful (as one would expect from Sugarbelle). Many happy returns, what a wonderful cookie journey over the past four years!

Hannah said...

these are soooooo pretty! :D love them!

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Shirley! How sweet of you to say this. :)

Cristin Sohm said...

Super cute cookies and how fun to have two of our favorite cookiers on one post today! Great idea and great job! Love the beautiful birthday cookies and that fringe is so adorable. I'm drooling, can you tell? Happy Blog Birthday Pam and thanks for sharing Callye!

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