Saturday, February 4, 2012

CookieCrazieBasics: Get Your Dough in Shape - Cookie Cutters we've made our cookie dough and we've rolled it out nice and smooth.

Now it's time to get that dough in shape. :)

Awwww.....the subject of cookie cutters.

Ummm.....I'm just going to admit something right upfront.....

I have WAY TOO MANY cookie cutters.....and the worst part is.....I always want more. 
OK....I said it. I guess it feels a little better to get it out in the open. lol

What is it about these little strips of metal made into a million different shapes that is so appealing?
I don't know.....but I'm hooked. :)

And to prove it, I'm going to let you see my stash.

And.....I'm even going to let you look in the some of the drawers.
(Somehow this feels like I'm showing you closets in my house. Yikes.....I hope everything is clean and tidy!)

Yes, I have lots of cutters.
But believe it or not.....I have cookie friends with LOTS more than me. Crazie....huh?

I'm getting a little better about not ordering every new cutter that I don't have. I guess because I'm learning that I don't need a special cutter for every shape.
 (SweetSugarBelle has taught me....and probably you.... well. :))

So my favorite cutters are the basic shapes.
 Squares, rectangles, & triangles......

Circles and ovals...

These cutters help me piece together cookies like this pan of snowman cookies.
But then I have a lot of custom shapes too. My Summer drawer is especially full. Love that season!

My Harvest/Thanksgiving drawer is overflowing too. Notice all the templates in the back of the drawer. I'm going to share about making your own templates in the next CookieCrazieBasics post.
 Notice all those circle cutters in my Misc drawer?
I bought those extra so I can reshape them into a specific cutter when the need arises.
(Another great idea from SSB)
Since I know somebody's going to ask......I bought all these cool plastic drawers at Walmart.
 I wanted them nice and shallow so that it would be easy to see all the cutters when I pull out the drawer. This allows me to go through all my cutters really quickly when I need a particular shape,
but it is too hard to imagine which cutter would fit the need.
I can see everything easily. Love it!

So roll out that dough...and let's get to work.

 For the record, I do not chill my dough. I don't see a need for it.
I just mix up my dough, roll it out on my DoBord, cut out all my shapes,
and bake them as soon as I fill up the pan.

Here's some previous posts I did on cookie cutters:

Oh....and in case you're as obsessed as me, here's some of my favorite cookie cutter shops. :)

So go get that dough into shape! ;)


Stacy K. said...

I need to get better organized like you, Pam!  My collection is quickly growing & I'm outgrowing the bins I have currently.  I like the idea of the drawers, but I will have to wait until we move to a bigger house.  BTW, I love Off the Beaten Path as well, and I was over the moon when I found out they are located 15 min. from my that is dangerous, LOL!

Cristin Sohm said...

Great post as always Pam! I love your cutter storage. It's a sickness we all have and are happy to have :-)

Rocio said...

Oh my God!!! y yo pensaba que tenía muchos cortantes! ya veo que no.

vicki said...

Pam, I love it when you post, although, I don't always comment. This actually made me feel better....not because I was more organized (I'm not) but because I don't have NEAR as many cutters as you!!!

I have found myself lately using the basic shapes more and more.  This might mean I'm getting lazy!  I also go to Hobby Lobby and buy up alot of the extra "Big" shapes because they are cheap and I can re-shape them.

Thank you for posting this and making my day!

sofia said...

Menuda organización que tienes de cortadores de galletas, me dejas impresionada. Es una pasada! Que barbaridad! ¿cuantos tienes?. Da gusto .... Saludos

Senorak_c said...

Puede Ud decirme cuantos cortantes queda en cada  caja (parece una trabajalengua, no?) ?


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