Saturday, February 18, 2012

CookieCrazieBasics: Coloring Glaze Icing

The glaze is what?

Let's add some color....and make sure it is the right consistency!

What coloring to use......hands down.....
Americolor Gels!
They are fabulous. I love all their colors...
(except for their have to mix colors in order to get a true purple.)

I love these gels so much that I have a treasure chest full of them. heehee

And yes, there's a few Wilton colors mixed in there too,  that I can't live without......
(violet, moss green, juniper green, cornflower blue, rose petal...)

But at least 95% of the time....I'm using Americolor.

Many people ask how I get such vivid icing colors.
Americolor is the answer.
How do I make my icing so black?
How do I get my icing so white?
Another question I get asked often...
Do you find that Americolor Super Red causes your icing to taste bitter?
No, I have not found any problem with Super Red's taste.

So how do you go from this....

to this?
First you need patience.
If you want to get just the right've got to work at it.
 And sometimes it takes time to achieve the colors you want. 
It just depends on how specific you need them to be.
For the colors above, I wanted to get as close to the baby bedding design as possible. 
(Trust wasn't easy. ;
 And I still don't think I matched them as well as I wanted.)

Here's my set up for coloring and bagging my icing.

You'll need a smaller bowl and spoon to mix up each color
and get it to the right consistency. 
As soon as you're there, you will roll it up in some plastic wrap and bag it. 
But we will get to the bagging part next time.

For now, we want to get the icing to look and pipe just right.

Take the amount of icing you need for that color
(which for me, is always an interesting guessing game, ha ha)
and add some drops of color. can always make it darker.....
but making it lighter is TONS harder!
So be careful how much color you add.
(In particular be careful with yellow, blue, green, & brown. 
Those are the colors I often overshoot.)
Mix in color until you are satisfied.

Then check the consistency.
I use the "Ten Second Rule". It works well for me and my glaze.
But find what works for you.
The main thing is.....consistency is KEY!

I touch and pull up on the surface of the icing with a clean finger and count.
I want the icing to go completely flat at the count of ten.
If it takes longer than will be really hard to pipe.
(Add & mix a tiny bit of water to it and use the 10 second rule again.)

If it flattens quicker than that, it will spread out after you pipe it.
(Add & mix a tiny bit of powdered sugar to it and use the 10 second rule again.)

Try to get it as close to ten seconds as possible. 
Here's a short little video showing the ten second rule.

I use this consistency of glaze icing for outlining, flooding, and detailing my cookies.
One consistency for everything.  Hey, it works for me. :)

Once your icing has the color and consistency you desire,
you can put it in bags or squeeze bottles.
I'll show you how I bag mine on the next CookieCrazieBasics.


For a fantastic color chart from Sweet Sugar Belle, go HERE.


For the CookieCrazie glaze recipe and lots of tips about it, go HERE.

Here's my older blog post on Coloring & Bagging Icing HERE.
And here's my older blog post entitled "Let's Talk About Corn Syrup Glaze Icing" HERE.

Happy Coloring!


Nisha said...

Hi Pam!
I'm so glad I was directed to your site by Haniela when I asked her a substitute for egg in Royal Icing, and she suggested about glaze icing by you.
This video helped me understand what you meant by the 10 second rule.
Also checked your corn syrup icing post.  I'm going to try one of these days ... never made cookies as such or any beautiful & creative icing designs like all you experts!
And oh my, what a collection of gels you have!!

Annette Jimison said...

Hey Pam! Thanks for the update! Also, over at Cookiedecorator, people want to know more about using a Kopykake. I told them I knew you had one and sometimes used it and that maybe you can share your experience with it. Hope to see you over there! They have a couple questions that I think only you can answer.

Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking said...

Hi Pam,
I just came across your blog randomly from a post you made on another blog. I already love you, lol! I'm loving your cookie creations, you have a talent there! I'm jealous of all those colours you have too. I'm just starting out (been baking for just under 3 months) and only have the main basic primary colours (which I figured I'd mix in desperate times). Now I feel like walking out the door and buying all the possible colour pastes. I really want to try the Ameri-color but here in the UK, it's imported and therefore quite expensive to say the least.

I hope you don't mind me stopping by, subbing and commenting every now and again? It's always nice to meet new friends with the same interests since I've started out in the world of baking myself. I love finding new blogs like yours to stop by, chat, and be inspired by great talent.

Keep on baking,

Cookiecrazielady said...

Awww is nice to have you here. Hani is the best-est. :)

I look forward to hearing when you try out the recipe and find out how fun it is to create beautiful and super yummy cookies.

Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with Americolor gels. hee hee......It's a sickness. ;)

Happy Baking!

Cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Annette....I'm not really a KopyKake expert, by any means.....but I'd be glad to help. Can you send me a link to the thread you're referring to? Thanks.

Cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Lisa! How fun that you randomly happened upon CookieCrazie. :) I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog posts.

Yes, I'm obsessed with Americolor gels. It is definitely a sickness.

Thankfully you have the Americolor primary colors. If you'd like me to send some of the more specific colors to you, I'd be happy to. Email me at and we'll work something out. I have friends with cookie decorating supply stores, so I'm sure we can make it happen.....even to UK. :)

I'd love for you to stop by and comment any time. It is a joy to see everyone learning and growing in the cookie decorating world.

I love finding new blogs too.....and find myself sitting here for an hour or two reading ever word and looking at every photo of a new blog. When someone shares the same passion as you, it is natural to love to learn about their world. :)

Blessings to you!

Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking said...

Aww, bless you. Thank you so much. I will definitely email you. At the moment, I only have primary colours but not with the Ameri-color brand (Sugarflair colours) which is a similar thing but I've read all about Ameri-color and it seems great, especially since they do a bright white too, I know that will come in handy with everything I make from fondant to royal icing.

I also find browsing blogs so much fun too. I browse in some weird ways (either googling but mainly by visiting blogs and coming into other blogs by links in the side bar or from comments an author has made and I'll stop by and check it out). But my hour to two seems to last rather longer and before I know it, half the day has gone!

Thanks again for your offer. Will pop you an email now. :)


Senorak_c said...

Wow! Your 10 second rule will be such a help.  Thank you.  And another Yorktowne gal!   Gotta love those dishes!

Regina said...

I would have never guessed that you are using glaze icing. My respect for your work is growing even more ;) I have worked with both, and agree, royal is somewhat easier to work with but I really prefer the taste and texture of glaze on a finished cookie.

Kenya said...

Hi Pam, just wanted to say thanks for all the tips. But I would love to know how exactly you can achieve the perfect chocolate brown color. I tried and only had Wilton brown on hand and it looked horrible. I would love to know your suggestions.

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Kenya. I use Americolor Chocolate Brown and then add a tiny bit of black to deepen it. :)

Doris Jimison said...

I think that starting with glaze icing is a better place to start than jumping right into royal icing. You have done a LOT with your technique and recipe, much more than royal icing can do, I think. I love the look of your cookies. There is nothing missing from them. I understand that royal icing allows for a different kind of look, like in Nadia's lace work, and that is something that can be learned later. I have to go check on the ten second rule and see how it is shaping up. I think I made mine a bit stiff, but that's okay...just add some water, milk or corn syrup!

lheo said...

WOW!!! that's tons of gel colors... :)

choc said...

Hi, is the glaze icing sweeter than royal icing made with meringue powder since it contains 1/4 cup corn syrup?

cookiecrazielady said...

It might be sweeter, choc, but with as much powdered sugar in both icings, I doubt that it matters much.

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