Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Cupcake Cookies (Tutorial)

In honor of CookieCrazie's birthday week celebration.......

a tutorial on making birthday cupcake cookies. :)

You'll need 10 second icing in at least two different colors.
If you want to do a pattern on the "wrapper", you'll need additional colors.
As always, I used a #2 round tip to outline and a #4 to flood.

Outline the wrapper......

Without touching the wet wrapper outline, I also outlined the frosting top too.
Dry outlines with heat gun.

Fill in the wrapper......including pattern and allow to dry. Start on the top by adding the middle of the icing layers and let it dry.

 Then fill in the other two layers.
Notice that I changed my mind midstream and removed
the outline below the top curly Q.
I decided it would look better if that whole thing was just one layer. 

Once the wrappers have dried for about 1 hr,
you can add some texture lines to them. 

I used my cake tester from Pampered chef.....
but you can use any food safe object that will add
some "folds" to your cupcake wrappers.

Lay your tool down gently on the icing and push enough to indent it.

With the polka and striped patterns....it was really hard to photograph the fold texturing.

So I also photographed one of my plain wrappers so you could see the folds much more clearly.

I love these happy little cupcakes.
I needed to see happy cupcakes today. :)

The confetti is flying at CookieCrazie. haha


Anne said...

Very nice!  I like the idea of adding the "wrapper folds" using the skewer.  I'll have to try that trick!

Aileen said...

Great technique with the skewer! great post as always!

Dharma said...

 Thanks so much for the tutorial and explanations. Tomorrow will be here to celebrate the birthday. a greeting

Jen Tait said...

These are so cute!

Kathleenmcguirk said...

Thanks for this tutorial.  I can't wait to make these.

Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking said...

Fantastic tut, Pam. They look great (as always)!

Michelle said...

Love the use of the skewer. I've been in love with the cupcake liners since you first posted the pics. I can't wait to try the technique, I hope I am make it work with RI. :)

Sharon Alicea said...

Oh Pam, they look soooo yummy!

amereldas bakery said...

As always they are incredible! I can't wait to go and order your 2 cookie cutters!! Thank you :0)

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