Friday, January 27, 2012

Ultimate Cookie Quilt for MeeMaw's 80th Birthday

Not only did I make special quilted birthday related cookies for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday last week, I also created a huge patchwork quilt of cookies for the big birthday party.
This was definitely on my list of favorite cookie projects. :)

Each "quilt square" was unique. Fun. :)

It just makes me happy to see all the patterns and colors together. 
I heard some happiness in MeeMaw's voice when we talked on the phone. I'm glad. She's a very special lady who needs some extra special cookies to represent her wonderful life. :)


Nena abcdefg said...

That is so pretty Pam. I love the bright pastel colors. Helps me forget about snow and think spring:)

Kim Jeffrey said...

Those are sooooo beautiful. I just love your quilt cookies! This is definitely on my to-do for our ladies quilting group at our church. They blessed us with a beautiful baby quilt when our son was born and I would love to do something for them. Thank you for the inspiration. OH! and I made your cookie recipe and glaze over the weekend for my nephew and they are, by far, my new favorites! Delicious!!!

Nicole Burris said...

I really like that. You did a great job.

Anne said...

Adorable idea, and beautiful colors!

Susan Schmitt said...

Pam you make the best quilt cookies! I am sure MeeMaw was thrilled with your gift!

Paty_rolon said...

You did great like always pam

Stacey McDonnell said...

OMG Pam whata sight to see. Gorgeous once again. I tried RI for the first time a mixture oftwo different peoples recipes. And well a little of my own I actually added cs to it and it came out gorgeous with sheen ,not too hard . I have found there isa huge learning curve though going from Cs icing to RI. But I think the ywork together nicely the way I made it. Also had some Cs and some RI and cool thing is i used both icings on one cookie for different  thingss. it was so cool working with both meduims at one time figuring out different things you could do using both on the same cookie. Not the one I made  that was royal Icing mixed in witha little CS for sheen but two recipes one being the Cs one being the RI .It was so cool I did some cupcake valentines cookies and for the wrapper  iused your recipe on the cupcake and for the icing on the cupcake I used straight up RI. So neat how they can be usedtogether to make fora cool looking cookie. Ill have to send you some pics. How many ofthe quilt sqaures did you make this time?? You amaze me. Do you bake and decorate everyday???? I have learned so much from you. Happy to say that i came across your blog and have met sucha sweet person who hasa love and passion for what she does. Itshows. I still dont get the detail you get with your icing. but I know that comes with a ton of practice. I have no 1.5 tips and am wondering if they makea huge difference in detail from a 1 to a 2 tip? just wondering? have any comments or suggestions on that topic? best and thanks for sharing these. i always show my hubby your quilt squares or that is what I call them. Oh and Sweet Art Factory they have your cookies up and didnt have the name of the person who made them in the photo stream. i could pick out every one of your pictures. You have sucha signiture style. They even commented on my comment about  me knowing that they were your cookies. Thought that was cool. havea great weekend. Best,Stacey

Cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Stacey, I made about 50 quilt squares for this collection.

No.....I don't bake every day. I usually bake once a week......doing it all at once and freezing the cookies I won't be decorating right away. I decorate at least twice a week.

I'm glad you've learned a lot through my blog. I haven't found 1.5 tips to make that big of a difference.....but I have a cookie friend who swears by them.

Yes, I've been sharing photos with Jill at Sweet Art Factory for a couple of years now. She is very generous to my Ukraine mission effort and I want to do a little something for her business too. Thanks for all your comments. :)

Cristin Sohm said...

Wow Pam, these are incredible! I can imagine how very excited she must have been to have received such a heart-felt and gorgeous gift! Fantastic job!

Amanda Mihok said...

Hi Pam, first let me start by telling you how amazing this cookie quilt is! You did an incredible job. The cookie quilt is what actually led me to your blog, my nana is turning 80, and she is an avid quilter. She has made me some of the most beautiful fabric quilts and I would love to make this for her to show her some quilting love back :) Would you be willing to share your secrets to success for making this? What icing recipe did you use, and how did you get all those gorgeous designs on each cookie, especially the stitching around the edges? I'm a cake baker, and I've never done cookies so this is a new adventure for me, but I'm excited to start! I guess I should mention that I live in Maryland, and have to transport the cookies to Connecticut for Nana's birthday party, so I was hoping for an icing recipe that will crust over and not smush. If you don't want to share your secrets that's ok, I just thought it was worth asking! And please keep baking and making creations for us all to see, they really are incredible! Thank you! Amanda

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Amanda. Thank you for your kind words about the cookie quilt.

All of my recipes and techniques are found here on my blog. You can go under the "Tutorial" tab to find everything you need.

The quilt square designs are all done with the "wet on wet" technique.

The stitching around the edges is done with a black food color marker after the glaze has thoroughly dried.

If you let the glaze dry for 24+ hours....the cookies can be transported with no problem.

I wish you much success on this special project for your Nana. :) ♥

Amanda Mihok said...

Thanks Pam! I can't seem to find a tutorial on the "wet on wet" technique. Do you have a link you could send me? After looking through some of your other tutorials I'm feeling much more prepared for this, you really make some amazing cookies. It makes me hungry just looking through your website!!

cookiecrazielady said...

Sorry, Amanda. I've never done a tutorial specifically on the "wet on wet" technique. It is fairly flood the cookie with a base and then immediately add designs in other colors while the base is still wet (dots, stripes, plaid, etc).

I'm thrilled that you feel much more prepared. Your nana is going to LOVE the cookies you make for her. :)

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