Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Winter Smile.....with a Snowman Cookie of course :)

I hope to bring a smile to your face with these snowmen cookies.

I LOVE it is a sure thing for me.
But maybe just seeing their happy faces will do it for you, even if you aren't a snowman lover.

And these circle face cookies are super easy.......just flood with white and immediately add black sugar pearls for eyes. Let dry 10-20 min before adding a carrot nose. After drying overnight, brush on some pink petal dust to the cheeks and add eyebrows and a mouth with a food coloring marker.
Cute, cute, cute and simple, simple, simple. :) 

Today I'm headed into the kitchen to do a plethora (love that word!) of snowmen and winter shapes. Hopefully I'll have a whole crop of winter cookie pics for you next week. Yeah!

Now if we could just get it to act like winter here in Missouri. It's barely cold.....and....NO SNOW! Boo. I love snow.


Lisa McGriff said...

Love the snowmen!  I spent most of the night after "WORK" decorating cookies last night.. 15 Elmo, 15 Cookie Monster, 12 Lady Bugs, finished a Strawberry Shortcake order and an Alabama Football order... Whew....

Emily said...

So cute, as always!  You do amazing work, Pam.

Sofia said...

Preciosos muñecos de nieve. Saludos

Sue said...

So cute, I love snowmen!

Paty_rolon said...

I love it

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