Friday, January 13, 2012

Keeping Those Heads Toasty.....Winter Hat Cookies

We got a little snow yesterday.......not much. Maybe an inch or a little more. It's funny how this was the first "big" snow of the season and it reeked havoc everywhere.
 Come on people.......we had some major snows last year. Have we already forgotten how to deal with a little snow?!

None the is very cold outside this a perfect time to share my winter hat collection. :)
I'm fascinated by all the new hat styles lately. And I really want to achieve a woven/knitted look. I'm still workin' on it......but it's coming along. 

There's a couple of these I'd really like to wear.....just for the fun of it. 

Stay warm.......and I guess, stay off the roads for fear of those who can't remember how to drive in a little snow. lol


Paty_rolon said...

so cute

Shanna said...

I saw this on Facebook, had to come see your post on it - these are DARLING!!!! I think your 'woven' look is terrific, I don't see any need for improvement.

Colleen Head said...

Great work! I would love to know where you got the cutters for the bottom two hats! I love seeing your posts! :)

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Colleen. I hand cut all of these cookies. I appreciate your kind words. ♥

Colleen Head said...

AMAZING!! :) Happy Holidays! :)

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