Friday, January 6, 2012

Fit For A Queen.....A COOKIE Queen that is.... :)

Several months ago I made a humongous cookie for a special gathering of a bunch cookie friends. The group we're in is called Cookie we all made queen related cookies. What fun it was to see what everyone came up with.

I wanted to do something extra I had this "brilliant" idea to make a really large cookie sheet and place all kinds of cookie/queen related cookies on it. The problem was that even though I supported it well in a box in my suitcase for travel to the broke right down the middle. :( It made me so very very sad and it really made for a cruddy presentation.

But thankfully......I took pics of it when it was whole. :)

Lesson learned......there are some cookies that are TOO large......and.....don't travel with them. lol


I'm finishing up some really fun snowman/winter cookies get ready for winter wonderland in cookies next week. Yeah!


Amanda said...

So cool!!  You are so talented!

Bea @ CancunCOOKIES said...

This COOKIE is gorgeous, Pam! I can't imagine how you manage to work with glaze like it was RI... 

Paty_rolon said...

very talented

Sofia said...

Unas galletas muy originales. Saludos

Pauline said...

Awesome!!!!!  Truly "fit for a Queen"!

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