Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow.....You All Are The Best! many people offering prayers, love, kind words & thoughts....loving me and my family in the midst of our pain over the loss of my sister, Pat.

Saying thank you doesn't seem like quite enough.....but it is all I have to give over this blog. And I DO thank you! Your kindness overwhelms me. It reminds me of God's love. Whenever I think of it.....I'm completely in awe because it doesn't make sense.....but it is absolutely AMAZING.

Things are getting better by the day. I think we have taken care of most of the major tasks necessary after Pat's death. The apartment is emptied, the accounts are closed, services shut off. I am SUPER grateful that my sister, Sandy, and I had my other two sisters here (from out of town) to help with all the work. It makes it so much easier when the decisions are shared and we can each do our part.

Today is one final day with my sister from Florida....and then she and her husband leave tomorrow morning. We had hoped to have a "fun day" today after working so hard on the apt, etc......but we are all so exhausted. At least we can spend the day without so many things hanging over our heads.

Again.....I'm overwhelmed by your kindness. You don't even know least not really.....nor I you....and yet you are willing to take the time to pray and care. That means so much to me. This is written with sincere gratefulness.......

Monday, August 29, 2011

Passing of My Sister.....Time to Remember What is Most Important

Just wanted to update you about my "real life".

My sister, Pat, (only 63 years old) passed away on Friday evening. As you can imagine, ever since that call on Friday morning that she was in critical condition in ICU.....things have dramatically changed for me. LONG day on Friday.

Then in the last two days, one of my sisters came from Florida and we have had some good family time together. Yesterday, we gathered as many of the family as possible and had some very good time to remember Pat and be together.

Today we will attempt to clean out Pat's nursing home room and her apartment. It will be a HUGE job. But we are so thankful that all of us (four living sisters) can do it together.

I miss my "cookie life".....but have to put it on hold right now. And in a lot of ways.....put it into perspective. When you face realize what is most important......God, family, relationships, people, and eternity.

Even though the whole cookie thing is a worthy hobby and pales in comparison to life and death.

I'll be back soon.....hopefully with my head and heart on straight....and my priorities right where they should be.

Thanks to all of you for following my blog and being so supportive.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fit for a Princess

Some of you guessed very well. :) Yes, I did princess cookies last week.....just for the fun of it. All pink and sparkly.......

I love how the tiaras turned out!

 And here is the first of two princess gowns.....

More to come!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Closer to the Theme.......

This will probably give my latest collection's theme away, but it's still fun to play the game.

Laura of ADozenEggs gave me permission to make heels in similar fashion to hers.

A distinct part of the theme......

Now we're getting to the really fun ones..............

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hearts, Flowers & Bows.....Theme?

Here's the beginning of a new collection.

What do you supposed is the theme?

I can't wait to show you the rest......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pink & Brown Ladybug Baby Shower Onesies

Here's the rest of the cookies from the Pink & Brown Ladybug Baby Shower.

I think we are done with baby cookies for a while. However, lots of different random cookies coming......

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gasp..No Baby Cookies In More Than A Week....Time for More :)

Yep, I still have baby cookies to show you. I think I made two big baby cookie orders in just a matter of days a few weeks ago.

This set was really fun. I had a chance to match a really cute baby invitation by the sister of the new mom, Melissa.

If you'd like to chat with Melissa about designing something for you, contact her HERE.

Flowers and Ladybugs were I got to make some replicas of Melissa's cute designs. :)

Tomorrow I'll show you all the onesies I made to match this set.

Have a marvelous Monday!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Back To School Collection

A few weeks ago, when I was asked by a mom if I'd make Back to School cookies for her sons, I jumped at the chance. I had never done them....and am always thrilled with the idea of doing cookies I've never done.  Plus, I wanted to come up with some unique BTS items I hadn't seen done in cookies.

Since the guys going back to school were entering middle and high school.....I knew I couldn't do crayons, glue, and elementary school stuff. So I wanted to make something that would fit the adolescent and teen years. I researched on google like crazy. And then I dove in. I was uncertain about several particular the school crossing sign, the bus, the stack of books and the backpack.....but they ended up being some of my favorites. :)

So here you have the entire collection in one photo.

I still have another baby shower collection from a few weeks ago to show I'll be sharing that next. It was nice to take a break from baby cookies for a while. :)

May you be especially blessed this week. Remember today is all you can be sure make it the best it can be.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lockers and Backpacks.....

Here's the last couple of items in my back to school collection. These two are my favorites, for sure. :)

Have a fabulous Saturday. Yippee I had time to post before I left for work. :))))))

Friday, August 19, 2011

School Signs and More Books

Continuing the back to school theme.....

Happy Friday to you all! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ecrandal Copper Cookie Cutter Joy.....Winners of Blog Give-Away

Thanks for such an amazing response to the August Blog Give-Away. There are several much more impressive blog give-aways going on right thanks for participating in this much smaller one. :) 

Your comments always warm my heart.....I wish I could reply to each one of you. But since I have a bunch of cookies waiting for me to decorate them today, I'd better wrap this up and announce the winners.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I appreciate you being here. :)

And the winners are.......

Congratulations Carroll and Kim! Enjoy your new Ecrandal cutters. I'll be emailing you soon.


OK....back to work. I'm doing "just for the fun of it" cookies today. I love those kind most of all. :) Just wait until you see the theme I've picked out. I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chalkboards & Buses

Still going back to school.....this time in a bus with messages on a chalkboard. :)

More to come.......

Today is the last day to enter the August Blog-Giveaway where Ecrandal copper cutters will be given to two different participants. Here's the link to go directly to the blog post. 

The deadline is tonight, Wednesday, Aug 17 at midnight (CST).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School = Books, Books, Books!

I tried my hand at a stack of books. Trust me, it is much harder than you think. I don't know how it ended up looking more like flimsy magazines.....but I tried. : /

Here's a fun one. I saw these while I was googling school supplies and decided they were a fairly easy cookie to do. :))))))

More to come......


Wednesday is coming quickly.  Don't forget to enter the August Blog-Giveaway where Ecrandal copper cutters will be given to two different participants. Here's the link to go directly to the blog post. 

The deadline is Wednesday, Aug 17 at midnight (CST) so don't delay.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Time for School Again

I worked on some back to school cookies this last week. I've never done them it was super fun for me. And since my client wanted cookies for her middle and high school boys, I wanted to go beyond crayons, glue, scissors, etc.....and find some new items to match their higher level in school. After lots of googling of photos, I had a list of 11 different cookies I wanted to make.

I enjoyed doing these cookies so much. :)

To start off gotta have apples for school. It is like one of those "school icons", ya know? ;)

 Next is notebook paper....with fun messages for the student. :) I've seen this idea from several sources and have wanted to try it for a long time.

And least for today, here are my giant pencils. They are about 4-5" long. I used a long rectangle and added a triangle on the end of it.

More Back to School cookies coming.....

And don't forget to enter the August Blog-Giveaway where Ecrandal copper cutters will be given to two different participants. Here's the link to go directly to the blog post. 

The deadline is Wednesday, Aug 17 at midnight (CST) so don't delay.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Blog-GiveAway: Ecrandal Cutters!

Wow....this week flew by, especially yesterday. I was planning to post the August give-away then, but some how the day zoomed by and suddenly I was off to work this morning. :)

No matter.....I'll post it now.

 Ecrandal has agreed to give two amazing copper cookie cutters to two of my blog fans. That's right, as one of two winners, you will get to pick TWO of their cutters from a list of their stock on hand. Jamie gave me an idea of the cutters that will likely be available to I've put together some of their photos so you could see the possibilities. The choices may vary a bit, but there are actually several more that will be available to you too.

You can choose from all of these and many more.
(Click on the photos to see each cutter on the website.)
Samantha Gown

Emma Party Dress
Julia Formal Dress



Candy Corn

Candy Roll

Hard Candy

Plaque C

Wedding Cake 3 Tier Rounded

PeekABoo Baby (shape design and these cookies below by Susan of GeminiRJ)

And as I said, there are others included too.

So.....wouldn't you like to get your hands on a couple of these amazing cutters?

Here's two ways you can enter to win:

1) Become a Facebook fan of Ecrandal and Cookie Crazie.  If you are already a Facebook fan, please encourage your friends on FB to become fans. Then return here leaving me a separate comment telling me you did it.
P.S. If you're not on FB, tell someone about this blog and ask them to take a look.
Then return here leaving me a separate comment on how you shared Cookie Crazie blog with others as your first entry.

2) Send a link about this give-away through your Facebook or Twitter wall.
Return here leaving me a comment on how you shared the news of the give-away with others.
P.S.S. If you're not on FB, send out an email message telling others about this blog giveaway for your second entry.

You MUST leave your email address in order to enter the blog give-away. No contact information disqualifies your entry.......only because there would be no way to let you know you won.
Make sure each entry is a separate comment in order to count as two entries.

Entries will only be accepted as comments on this particular blog post "August Blog Give-Away....Ecrandal Cutters!". Comments on any other blog post will not enter you into the give-away.

Each person is only allowed TWO entries into the give-away (as outlined above).

The acceptance of entries ends at midnight (CST), Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I will use to choose the winner.


The two winners of the August Ecrandal Blog Give-Away:

August Ecrandal Cutter Blog Give-Away CLOSED.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Green White & Black Baby Shower Collection

Here's the final photos of the green, white, & black baby shower collection.

I saved these onesies for last since they are my faves.....

Stay tuned.....I hope to announce my August Blog Give-Away soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More GWB Onesies

I know.....there sure are a lot of these. But I'm CRAZIE enough to always try to make each one be different. :)

More "Halfsies" :)

 Flowery ones.....

And "baby" onesies.....

Hold on.....not too many more left. ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Green, White & Black Onesies GALORE!

OK.....the green, white & black onesie parade continues. :)


Belted halfsies.....(just made that name


Believe it or not....there's still much more. :)
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