Monday, January 31, 2011

Mauve & Teal "Stitched" Valentines

More Valentines Day cookies..............please don't get tired of them. I've still got plenty more to show. And's a whole 14 days away. ;)

We're supposed to get a whopper of a storm through Wednesday morning. First they were saying lots of ice and then heavy snow. Now they are saying a little ice and then heavy snow. I'm just praying that the power doesn't go out. How can I decorate cookies and be online without power? ;) (Just kidding.....I know there are a LOT more things important than that to contend with when the electricity goes out.)

Oh.....and don't forget to enter the February Blog Give-Away to win a dozen CookieCrazie Valentine cookies!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Februray Blog Give-Away.....One Dozen CookieCrazie Valentines Cookies :)

I'm happy to announce the February Blog Give-Away! It's a little early to start, but for good reason. I'm offering to send one dozen CookieCrazie Valentine Cookies (my choice) to the winning entry. Since Valentines Day is just two weeks from tomorrow.....I wanted the winner to get those cookies before Valentines Day. ;)

There are TWO ways to enter the CookieCrazie Valentine Cookie Give-Away:

1) Have a look through the CookieCrazie Flickr site and find your favorite CookieCrazie cookie. Come back here to this post and comment about it. Be sure to leave your email address with your comment. 

2) "Like" the CookieCrazie Facebook page. If you are already a FB fan, send out a message on your FB wall letting others know about CookieCrazie's FB page. And if you are not on Facebook or have already done both of the above.....send out a message to your friends and family telling them about CookieCrazie's blog. Then return here leaving me a comment that you've shared CookieCrazie with others. Be sure to leave your email address with your comment.

You MUST leave your email address in order to enter the blog give-away. No contact information disqualifies your entry.......only because there would be no way to let you know you won!

Entries will only be accepted as comments on this particular blog post "February Blog Give-Away.....One Dozen CookieCrazie Valentines Cookies". Comments on any other blog post will not enter you into the give-away.

Each person is only allowed TWO entries into the give-away (as outlined above).
Make sure each entry is a separate comment in order to count as two entries.

The acceptance of entries ends at midnight (CST), Thursday, February 3.

I will use to choose the winner.


Congratulations to Emily! The winner was chosen on Friday, February 4.

February Blog Give-Away Closed.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little bit of Pink.....Little bit of Red

More Valentine Cookies......

The chocolate kiss cutter is from Ecrandal. The online stores shows the cutter with a huge wrapper on top.....but I asked Eric to make me one without the wrapper (so that I could add my own.)

Happy Weekend to all of you......

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Custom Cutting and ummmm...... Bleeding Icing

Well....this is a random post. :o)'s another custom cut cookie I did for Valentines Day.

Next.....a cookie I'd rather not show you.....but I'm determined to be "real" and show the good & the bad on this blog.
I am convinced that it is nearly impossible to prevent red from least a little bit. My wonderful lacy heart cookie was ruined by nasty red bleeding. :(

Notice that some of the heart outline doesn't bleed because I stopped putting the ivory icing right next to the red. Note to self: Leave a fine line of separation between red and a very light color. ;)

Here's the bouquet I put together for someone special last week. I rarely get asked to do bouquets....but it's always nice to do them when I get the chance. :)

P.S. I do "fake" cookie pops. I tape the stick on the back of the bag and then tie the ribbon around the stick and bag at the bottom. This allows me to put ANY cookie on a stick for a pre-planning.....and trust me, this bouquet was not pre-planned.

More Red Valentines cookies......this includes a red heart where I attempted a "lacy" look like I saw in a wonderful set from Angela (Sweet-Tooth-Fairy). More like this to come. :)

Next week, I'll be announcing my February blog give-away. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentines Day......So Love-ly

Even more Valentine Day cookies.
Believe it or not....I've made many more since these.

Yesterday, I made chocolate sugar it will be fun to have the dark background to work on using red and pinks. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cookie Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

A couple of weeks ago, I order box samples from BRP Box Shop. You can order free samples and just pay the shipping. There were so many I wanted to I plunged in.

First of all, let me say that I will definitely be ordering from this wonderful company. They were fast, efficient, have reasonable prices, and their boxes are quality material. Plus, they have so much variety that if I get tired of one box, I can easily order another. And here's the clincher.....FREE SHIPPING! The last box company I used made me pay nearly 50% more in getting shipping free excites me!!!!

These boxes are so fun. The food safe ones mainly come in white, pink, and brown.....but there are many other colors too. It was hard to choose which five I wanted sent to me!! They come in every shape and size....with windows and without. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. :)))))

I finally settled on these:

Here's my conclusions.
** I won't order pink because even though I LOVE the color.....there's so many occasions where pink just won't work.....especially if there are windows where you can see the cookies.
Can you imagine muted fall colors against that pink?
 ** The 4" deep box is too deep for cookies. To fill it, you'd have to stack 4 or 5 deep....and that's just not wise for cookies. 
** My two favorite sizes are the 14 x 14 x 1 1/2" (which I have's basically a pizza box)
and the 14 x 10 x 2 1/2". Both would be perfect for cookie orders.
** And I love the idea of a window to show off the cookies. The first thing I do when someone comes to pick up cookies is to open the box to show them. With a window, there would be no need. You just make sure the best cookies are on top showing through the window. ;)

So I'm probably going to order the 14 x 14 with window or the 14 x 10 with window. 
Hurray! I love finding exactly what I need/like. Being able to actually see the boxes and put cookies in them was a huge plus. Obviously I'm sold. :)


More Valentine cookies........

I'm so excited.....yesterday I decorated more Valentines cookies. I was determined to get a certain look on a few of my cookies....and after studying some Googled pics.....I achieved it.
I'm anxious to show you in the coming days!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creating a Unique "Love" Cookie

So I promised to show you how I made the "Love" cookie that I displayed yesterday.

Callye (SweetSugarBelle) has taught me to think WAY OUTSIDE of the box. :)

Yesterday I received a very special gift from someone who wanted to support my Cookies With A Mission ministry

A KopyKake projector! Wow. I still can't believe someone would be that generous. 

And it is huge! Thankfully I have a kitchenette downstairs where I can store it on the counter. There is no way I could have it upstairs in my regular kitchen.

I'm expecting that the KK will allow me to do better perspective on those really hard shapes....and hopefully do better and more varied handwriting. We shall see......

How about some pink mod Valentine cookies......

Valentines Day is less than three weeks away. Hard to believe, huh?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Readers are Going to Be Very Happy With This Post :)

And the winners of the January Ecrandal Blog Give--Away are................

Congratulations to you all!!!!! I hope you enjoy your Ecrandal cookie cutters. 
I'll be emailing you this morning.
And once again.....thanks Eric & Jamie for offering such a great prize on this blog. :)


How about some more Valentines cookies...............

Tomorrow I'll show you how I made the square Love cookie.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decorating With Glaze......Part 2

In order to plan different base colors on a cookie, I use thin white icing as my "grid" or "map". I will pipe white in order to divide up the cookie or place a certain shape in a certain place. The reason this works is because all other colors will "take over" white (bleed into) you rarely have to worry about the white showing later.

In this case, I wanted to put a pattern in the middle of my winter first I outlined the pattern area with white.

Next I added the darker color for the rest of the glove and let it dry. 

Next is the another darker color to fill in the rest of the glove. Since my purple was dry, I added the lines at the base of the glove too.

And once all of the darker colors were adequately dry (probably 15-30 would have been more if it was red or black).....I added my white middle with a pattern.

 This is NOT my favorite the way.....but it was the one I started taking pics of from the it was all I had. : /

 Whenever I want to use white as the main background.....but also want to have some darker colors touching it.....I put the darker colors in first to dry before adding the white.

Detailing with glaze takes lots of patience. Since you're not going to get texture with it, you have to force texture by layering. That takes time. In actual time, it might only take me just a few minutes to decorate a cookie......but if it has lots of can take me an hour or more to finish it with all the added drying time.

For these birthday cakes.....I wanted the layers to look distinct, so I piped the bottom and top layers first, guessed it.....let them dry. :) This drying time would only be 5-10 min since it's purpose is to make a more defined look in the layers. (By the way.....I do not time the drying of icing....I'm just guessing at the amounts. ;) Usually.....I pipe the first part and go on to several other cookies and then come back to the second part later. Definitely no clock watching there.)

Then I added the middle layer and the candles.  Finally I'll add the stripes on the candles and the flame.

I hope to do more pictorials of decorating in the near future.

Just a reminder......tonight at midnight (CST) is the deadline for the January Ecrandal blog give-away. I hope to announce the five winners tomorrow!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Add Pink to that....

A quick post before I leave for work.....

Another Valentines set.

Don't forget to enter the January Ecrandal blog give-away. The deadline is tomorrow night midnight.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Decorating With Glaze......Part 1 that we've talked about cookie dough, cutting shapes, making icing, coloring icing, & bagging is time to decorate. Hurray!

As I've said before, I use one consistency of icing via the 10 second rule to check my icing (click the link to watch my silly video).

I have found that it works best to outline the cookie first (using a #1 or #2 tip.....usually #2) and then flood the cookie with a #3 or #4 tip (depends on how big the area is to fill).  I did some basic circles (snowballs!) a few weeks ago and took pictures of the outlining and flooding.

If you are wanting to use different base colors on the cookie.....always start with the darker particular red, black, & navy. Since these colors tend to bleed helps to put them on first and let the cookie dry for a while. I would say to let it dry for at least an hour. And as I said doesn't necessarily guarantee no bleeding......but I think it decreases the amount. (I'm convinced that it is almost impossible to not have red icing bleed at least a little!)

I wanted to put a heart in the middle of this first I outlined the mitten and the heart....

I then filled in the outer blue color so that it could dry for a while.

Once it was fairly dry.....I filled in the middle part to get this result....

Oh....I also added the lines at the bottom of the mitten. When you are using doesn't hold it's always falls down into a flat surface. So when you are putting on can't put them too close together or they will run together. So make sure you put enough space in between lines or dots in order to keep them separated.

More decorating pictorials to come......

Now for some Valentines very first set for this year......finally! :)

 I used Food Doodlers food color markers to make the stitches, words, and Xs & Os. :) There's several other great brands out there as well.

And finally.....I thought I'd show you a picture (not pretty....but you get the idea) of our 10" of snow yesterday. My daughter, Jill, was cleaning off her cute little "new" car yesterday when I took this from our front door. :)

Every time I look out the window....I smile.

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