Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simple Christmas Cookie Ornaments (Tutorial)

I finally completed a bunch of Christmas cookies yesterday. Sigh......I've been anxious to get some done for a couple of weeks now....and even this week....there were so many distractions. But I was determined.  lol

I knew it was time for a blog I stitched up some country ornaments for you. :)
These cookies are  easy to decorate and would make a wonderful gift.

I hung them directly on my cookie tree for the photo.....but normally I wrap my cookies before I hang them on the tree. This was purely done for this blog post. (Talk about staging....hee hee.) here's how to make these fun cookie ornaments. It's a piece of cake.....uhhhh....I mean cookie. ;)

Since you're not going to put any details on these cookies other than the stitches, I'd recommend picking very recognizable Christmas shapes. When you cut them out, be sure to cut a hole at the top of them. I used the end of a drinking straw.

The best part of this cover the entire cookie with white icing....and then just let them dry. That's it! Once color, one icing bag.....awesome!

(I outlined these with a #2 round tip and then flooded with a #4 round tip.)
I let them dry overnight.

Next is the fun part. Take a red food coloring marker (I use Food Doodler....but there are several brands you could choose from.) could use any color you'd like to make the "stitches".

Outline the cookie in a red solid line and then make small stitch marks all around the edges. Simple.....but it looks so cute! And no need to be super precise.....hand stitching often looks a little wonky....but that's what makes it so sweet.

I used some adorable red & white striped twine from The Twinery and tied a loop around each hole. 

And wah they all are.

More cookie tree pics.....

An extra special can see four of my Christmas trees in one photo. :)

I hope you'll try this fun project. It's nice and simple....and produces cute results. :)

Happy Christmas baking!!!!

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Kim Redden said...

What a great idea for a simple, yet cute cookie....I love them all.....I will be making some of these soon!

Diana said...

I love the cookie tree idea! How do u hang them when you wrap them u still tie the string directly through the cookie?

Cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Diana. I heat seal the cookie in a bag.....use a hole punch in the sealed part of the bag and then tie some twine or ribbon through the whole to hang the cookie on the tree. I don't normally put holes in my cookies and tie ribbon through them.....but thought it would be a cute idea for a "ornament" project. :)

Kel_ham said...

Absolutely beautiful cookies & decorations!

Anne said...

These ornament cookies are just precious - and I love how you used the red and white twine!

Cristin Sohm said...

I've always wanted to do a cookie tree for Christmas! I promised myself I would do it this year, but again it doesn't look like it's going to happen. It's such a busy time of year! I love your tutorial and especially love seeing your trees and bits of your gorgeous house. Fun!

Sweetsugarbelle said...

Pam!  They are beautiful!

Tami said...

Where do you have the recipe posted? I'd love to make some of these. Thanks ! Adorable old fashioned Christmas !

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks everyone. :) are in FAQ. Enjoy!

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