Thursday, December 15, 2011

Country Stitchin' Christmas

If you've been around here long know how much I love that country/primitive my love for quilts, stitching, plaid, buttons, etc.

So naturally.....I'm going to pair that theme with Christmas. Lovin' it! I had so much fun doing these cookies......wish I had time to do more. 

I'm buried in cookies.....decorated ones that need to be bagged, finished ones that need to be photographed, naked ones that need to be dressed up (ha ha)......and more that need to be made. PLUS....I'm having a Christmas party at my house Saturday and I haven't even begun to prep for it. : / Yikes! And here I sit.....bloggin'. Hence the name........cookie CRAZIE. 

Do your best to savor ever moment of the holiday season. Even in the's such a precious time of year. With the passing of my sister just three months ago......I find myself often stopping and relishing all that I have. No guarantees for certainly enjoy TODAY.

Thanks for comin' around my tiny little cookie world.


Stacey said...

Pam thanks for your sweet comment and helpful hints about your cookie tree back to me in the last post you had. I reposted and still mistyped so many words that  Imust apologize. I explained in the other post. AndIt was not quite as long. Anyway I just thought of something I remember reading somewhere on your site where someone asked you about the splotchiness on iceing and why it happens and that you were too determained to find out why. Guess what??? I found out and have a tip for you of all people theexpert. I hope it will help others too. It is from the fat in the cookie leaching into the iceing. You do not see it happen in other iceings that harden that havea little butter in them because it just leaches into the butter in the iceing recipe. With your recipe and others that do not use fat ,its the butter or crisco that people are using. So to help with that, after cookies cool for about15-20 minutes you can layout either a towel/s you do not care about or papertowels. put cookies on the towels or paer towels and then layer cookies between layers of towels or papertowels to rid some of the fat. Layer them as if you would layer them with parchment or waxpaper for shipping for about a goodhalf hour or more. Top layer needsa little bit of weight on it to get fat from the top layer off. A magazine on top of towel or paper towel will do. See if that helps and makesa difference. Hope that helps but it was taught to me by another friend in the baking biz who has been doing this for 20 yrs. Good luck with it and ireally hope you see a difference or your followers do!!!!! Best and have a blessed day Stacey M.

patricia rolon said...

I love them so cute

Patty Aguilar said...


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