Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

I've been wanting to do a cornucopia grouping for Thanksgiving for quite some time. I had a wonderful time designing all the different elements and then arranging them together for  my 2011 Thanksgiving collection.

I made three cornucopia sets. One was sold at our Ukraine fundraiser auction last weekend. The second is to take to work on Thanksgiving Day (I have to work at the hospital for the holiday) to cheer everyone up when they have to work on such a special holiday. And the last group I've got on my own dining room table to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Every time I see it, I smile. :)

Here's the grouping at the auction.

And here's the "official" photo of my cornucopia collection. :)

Believe it or not.....I still have bunch of Thanksgiving cookies to share. I've been busy busy busy.


mikebarbara said...

Beautiful work!I would smile at it too!The cinnamon rolls look good too :) I love your blog,it always inspires me!
Barbara Parnell

Minibakercakes said...

love them all!

Nicole Burris said...

what a super cute idea.

Paty_rolon said...

beautiful job pam

Suea said...

Simply amazing.

148cookiestreet said...

I LOVE this collection--especially the "Official" photo!!

muhammad waseem said...

i like the blog that i come up with for the first time.

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