Friday, October 21, 2011

Push Pops!

As promised......push pops.

We were challenged at cookie camp to design cookies (and decorate the outsides) to dress up push pops. Mind you......we did not have the push pop in hand, only the dimensions. Yes, it was challenging! We had to envision it, bake up the cookies and bring them to camp....and then try to create it in a hurry once we got to there.

I had brilliant ideas.....but when I implemented them, I was very disappointed.
Some how what I envisioned in my mind was far from what transpired. :(

I made some plaid narrow cookies to have a vertical look in the push pop.

Unfortunately, my thick cookie size didn't work with the dimensions of the push I had to saw the back off of the cookies....which made them very fragile. Plus, they looked awful. decorating skills are decorating the outside of my push pops was a bust.

I guess my second attempt was better......but I still felt like it was so lacking....especially when I saw the other entries.

I decorated these cookies on both sides (let first side dry overnight and then turned them over and decorated the other side). Since it was important that you see the decoration on these tiny cookies and no control over where they "landed" in the push pop, it was essential.

But some how.....the actual result was lacking. :(

Here's all the push pop entries lined up together. It was so fun to examine each one and see incredible creativity in the group!

There was a tie for 3rd place.....first this adorable ocean themed one from Tricia:

And the other 3rd place winner was Lisa's wonderful S'mores!

Second place went to Kim's adorable bride and groom set..........

And first place went to Johnna for her INCREDIBLE cheeseburger set. :)

Now next week I have to get busy and share a bunch of fall cookies with you.....I've made tons, but time has prevented me from showing them to you. Before you know it, it will be November and Thanksgiving will be fast approaching. How do we slow down this train! ;)

Many thanks go out to Daniela and Aileen for allowing me to use their photos. :)


Bea @ CancunCOOKIES said...

It was difficult to choose from such great designs!!! I would've given each one a 1st Prize!!!

Love your minis... the trees are soooo cool! What cutter did you use for it?

Ctatom said...

I went to a "cake camp" last weekend and learned about lots of ways to use cake in push pops. These are fabulous ideas for cookies!!! I actually bought 3 dozen containers - so I'm excited to see all the different ways they can be used.  What was the idea on the very left end - it has striped fabric on top? And what kind of cookies were in the Campbell's soup can? Oh, and I liked all your mini cookies - but lots of work to decorate two sides!! They are so nice and thick & fluffy, you could almost decorate around the sides - haha.  Thanks for posting this! I love your blog...

Alemanskigal said...

Pam I love the way you tell the entire story and nothin' but the truth!  Push pop cookies huh?  I was drawing a blank also.  I love your plaid techinque!  The minis are so sweet.

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

Wow! These are all so amazing. You are so hard on yourself Pam! Your cookie push-pops are fantastic! What a fun idea to fit so many small minis in there and to have both sides decorated! I love these and the other ones that everyone came up with too! Such incredible talent you all have!!!

Aimee said...

You are so hard on yourself!  Minimal decorating skills my foot!

You are gifted.  You are creative.  You are TALENTED.

As someone reminded me recently, when someone compliments you, you say thank you.  You don't make excuses, you don't minimize yourself.'re welcome. :-)

Sue said...

So adorable and creative!

Cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone. For some reason....all of these were in my spam folder I just opened this I didn't see these until then. Weird.

A big thank you for all your complements. I really wasn't saying what I did to elicit compliments....I truly was disappointed in my efforts for the push pops. But I do thank you for your encouragement.

Bea....I honestly don't remember what I used for the fall tree. sigh.....

Ctatom....that's cool about the "cake camp". The for left entry was french fries with ketchup. hee hee The campbell's soup can had tomato soup cookies. Can't remember what they looked like.

Again....I thank you all. and Aimee....thanks for the reminder. ;)

Laura Pokas said...

The plaid ones would also look great baked and iced as "double popsicles"... on a flat popsicle stick and iced with 2 separate sections next to each other.

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