Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby Shower......Girl Buggies, Bottles, and Rattles

I think I've done more baby shower cookies than any other kind of cookie. Thankfully I never grow tired of them. :)

In this same batch of cookies/icing....I also made some random flower cookies for a surprise to some ladies who were coming to my house to talk about their upcoming Ukraine trip.

Here's the very girl-y bottles and rattles

and baby carriages.

Guess what kind of cookies I'm making this coming week?
You guessed it!
Baby shower cookies....hee hee hee. :)


Lorilee said...


Lexy said...

These "girly" baby cookies are adorable.
What size cutters do you use.  I want to eat one right now.

Izzy said...

love the rattles! what a cute, great idea!

Cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Lexy. :) All the cookies are in the 3-4" range.

Alicia said...

Dear Pam, Every post I follow you.. I love your blog, from Spain! ;)

Paty_rolon said...

they are adorables, like always

betty said...

The baby bottles are so lovely! Nice work

Sue Sparks said...

The rattles, the buggies~I LOVE them!

Ed Hochhalter said...

My baby loves to eat cookies! I made cookies exactly just like yours. I wish you could have seen them. When I tried to get a camera to take a picture of her, it was too late, she already ate everything! After that, I brushed her teeth with her pink toothbrush!

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