Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ecrandal Copper Cookie Cutter Joy.....Winners of Blog Give-Away

Thanks for such an amazing response to the August Blog Give-Away. There are several much more impressive blog give-aways going on right thanks for participating in this much smaller one. :) 

Your comments always warm my heart.....I wish I could reply to each one of you. But since I have a bunch of cookies waiting for me to decorate them today, I'd better wrap this up and announce the winners.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I appreciate you being here. :)

And the winners are.......

Congratulations Carroll and Kim! Enjoy your new Ecrandal cutters. I'll be emailing you soon.


OK....back to work. I'm doing "just for the fun of it" cookies today. I love those kind most of all. :) Just wait until you see the theme I've picked out. I'm so excited!!!


jennysullivanparker said...

Way to go, Kim -- proving that it's ok to be one of the first to enter a giveaway!  

Kimberly said...

 Yipppeeeeee!  I am at work and unable to long on with my Facebook account, but it's me!  Thanks for the congrats Jenny!   AND THANK you Pam!  Thank you for the wonderful cookie cutters, thank you for the wonderful blog that you do and thank you for all the questions you have answered for me.  I know I have told you many times, but you are the reason I started doing cookies!  I had been looking at cookies online for month's, wishing that I had the talent to do them....then one day I found your blog....and my life has never been the same again.  You made it look so simple, I gave it a shot using your recipes and I was hooked!  That was just over six months ago and I have given cookies so all my loved ones, donated them to many bake sales and fundraisers and even SOLD some...for money...ME....I sold cookies...people paid me to make them cookies! I ramble...sorry...but thank you Pam..once again YOU ROCK!

Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs said...

I am thrilled!  Life is sweeter with a cookie (especially when made with an ecrandal cutter or following one of Pam's designs!)  I am sharing my winnings with Cookie Friend, who started me in this addictive madness with a one-on-one lesson and a bag full of decorating goodies as a retirement gift.  One for me, one for her, and a multitude of thanks to Pam for a blog jam packed with ideas, a willingness to help those of us a step behind the Cookie Queens, and her generosity in offering this giveaway. 

Peace * Joy * Cookies!

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