Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Back To School Collection

A few weeks ago, when I was asked by a mom if I'd make Back to School cookies for her sons, I jumped at the chance. I had never done them....and am always thrilled with the idea of doing cookies I've never done.  Plus, I wanted to come up with some unique BTS items I hadn't seen done in cookies.

Since the guys going back to school were entering middle and high school.....I knew I couldn't do crayons, glue, and elementary school stuff. So I wanted to make something that would fit the adolescent and teen years. I researched on google like crazy. And then I dove in. I was uncertain about several particular the school crossing sign, the bus, the stack of books and the backpack.....but they ended up being some of my favorites. :)

So here you have the entire collection in one photo.

I still have another baby shower collection from a few weeks ago to show I'll be sharing that next. It was nice to take a break from baby cookies for a while. :)

May you be especially blessed this week. Remember today is all you can be sure make it the best it can be.


angeles martinez said...

magnificas, un saludo

angeles martinez said...


Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs said...

Your collection shows that you spent a lot of time "researching" before baking.  Each cookie brought back memories . . . shopping for the perfect notebook and the most stylish of backpacks, the first day crossing the street into the school yard, the fear of the locker not opening.  Applause, applause . . . move to the head of the class.

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