Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summery Fun

Here's some more summer cookies I tweaked last week. 

I specifically looked up a real DQ cone just to make mine look like one. I just wish I would have gotten the cone color right. : /

My favorite flip flop so far this summer. :)

Happy Wednesday.....


Betty Jo said...

Hello!  I absolutely love your site and you are so talented.  In fact, when I started working with sugar cookies a while back, I tried several different icing recipes (royal icing, kind-of royal icing, etc.) and yours is the one that I ended up liking the best and use all the time now.  I do have one question for you - how do you get the fine details on your cookies?  Do you use certain brand of tips, certain sizes? I don't have any problems with outlining the cookies and filling them in, but I still have problems with the details.  Mine want to spread and so end about 2 to 3 times bigger than I wanted, if that makes sense!  Anyways, love your cookies!
Betty Jo

Jan J. said...

That flip-flop is SOOOOO cute!

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

Love these Pam! You really do use cookies as a canvas for artwork! 

Cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Betty Jo. Thanks for your kind comments.

Find details.....hmmm.....probably the hardest part is getting the right consistency of icing. If it is too thin, it will expand much more than you want it to. But if it is too thick, you can't hardly squeeze it out of the bag without getting hand making it that perfect 10 second icing is essential. Of gotta admit that I often don't get it right and have to take it out of the bag and add water or add more powdered sugar. Sometimes it can be so frustrating.

I use a #1 tip for most details. It sounds to me like your icing is too thin if it is spreading so much. Thicken it a little with powdered sugar.


Farrah Parker said...

That DQ ice cream cone is adorable and it looks like just like theirs. So much that you even have the infamous curl! Great job Pam!

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