Sunday, July 31, 2011

Octopus & Lobster.....oh my!

The final two critters in my ocean collection. 

Who knew that octopus were electric green? lol

And this lobster cookie is HUGE at 7" tall! (My kids thought I was crazie to make such a large cookie.)

We're starting out HOT again this new week. They keep extending our excessive heat warning a few days at a time. It seems like weeks now. Hopefully at least the humidity will lessen. But at least we have nice bright cheery ocean cookies to brighten the day. :))))


Lora said...

As a passionate scuba diver, I so ♥ your ocean themed cookies. The electric green octopi rock!

Kennedy Dukes said...

 OMG! You are awesome! I am lovin' these  all these sea creature cookies... the icing colors are great, and they are plain gorgeous!

Paty_rolon said...

you are awesome pam

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