Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day.....America!

No big plans for this holiday......but I made some awesome cookies. ;) And my family was floored when I told them that THEY get to eat them. My son even did a double take and said, "Really?". That let's you know how few nicely decorated cookies they actually get to eat. Kinda sad.....but they don't need to be eating such fancy desserts all the time, right? lol

I picked a couple of special sets of my patriotic cookies to show you today.....on the Fourth of July.

Happy Birthday America!


LilaLoa said...

Ooooh -- I LOVE the wavy lined flag cookie!!! It's gorgeous!!

Nikki Ward said...

Your quilted, stitched cookies are always my favorite and bring such a smile to my face!  Thank you for bringing beautiful cookies into the world and sharing them :)

Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs said...

Love your stitched flag.  Something so simple gives the flag such character!!!

Paty_rolon said...


Callye Alvarado said...

THAT FLAG!  I havent posted my fourth of July Cookies yet...I know... SHAMEFUL...but I think you will like =)  I LOVE your independence day cookies!

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