Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day With Andrea (SugarEnvy)

I can't even begin to tell you how fun it is to meet with other cookie decorators and spend time together. Talk about instant friends! To finally find another person who understands this crazie cookie brain we possess and to enjoy talking cookies non-stop.......it is a treasure.

Last week I had the honor and privilege of meeting with Andrea (SugarEnvy). She was in town and I invited her to come to my house for an afternoon of decorating. Andrea is precious.....and I'm so thrilled to call her my friend. We instantly hit it off.....and were never lacking of things to talk about. 

 Andrea (left) and Pam (right)

You'll have to check out Andrea's work. Wow.....wow....wow. She is amazing! She does designer shoes and wedding dresses like no other. Here's her website and her Flickr page

Decorating together was fun, fun, fun!
We each had five cookies to decorate. Andrea was at a disadvantage because she had to use my glaze instead of royal icing.....had to decorate from a bag instead of a bottle.....and she even stood at my breakfast bar like I do, rather than sit at a table like she usually does. (She said she wanted to have the full "Pam experience"!) But you'd never know that she was out her element. Her decorating is amazing! And isn't she gorgeous? :)

See that cute little pink and black cookie up in the left top corner. She made it for me. :) I still have it sitting up on a shelf in my desk so that I can look at it often and remember our fabulous day together.

Here's the pic she took of me with my cookies that I decorated that day.

Later I took a pic of that funky flower cookie I did that day. I like how it turned out. :)

What a wonderful day......and what a special lady. She's as beautiful on the inside as the outside. :)


Rosemary Mach said...

Sounds like you gals had a great time. Love the cookie designs you made--what amazing artists! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Lmcgmsing said...

Sounds like a VERY fun afternoon....I am MORE than a little jealous.

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

What a fun visit!

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