Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Is Buzzin' By (Pictorial)

Today is already June 30. Yikes. I wish things could slow down a bit! How can we be nearly half way done with summer. Not fair. lol

Oh goes on. Make the best of today since it won't last long, right? 

How about a pictorial on making a bee hive with buzzing bees........................

Since my bee hive cutter is huge.....I decided to pare it down a bit, so I cut the bottom level off of it.

Next I wanted to add a shape to the outer side so I could add a buzzing bee, so I used mini club cut out because the top of it reminded me of a bee.

To decorate......I added the black hole at the bottom first.....and then let it dry.
Next I added two of the four hive layers of yellow and let them dry before adding the final two. This helps give it more dimension.

Notice my mistake on the bottom layer. Thankfully it won't show up once I flood that area. :)

Well.....I forgot to keep taking photos of the process. Sometimes I get so involved in it.....that everything else fades away.
In the final bee hives shown below, I didn't outline the whole hive in yellow liked I showed in the previous photos. Instead, I just did my two layers of the hive on their own, and add the second two later. I like how these look much more than the previous ones. 

Make sure your yellow is good and dry before you add the bees.....especially the black head. For the bees, I made the head and let it dry, then I added the yellow body and put the black stripes on it while it was still wet. After it dried for a while, I added the white wings.

And finally, the next day I added the fly lines with a Food Doodler black marker. Love that part! 

Stay cool today on this hot Thursday....


Carrie said...

To cute!  Love it.  Summer break is definitely buzzing by!  Hope you are having some fun!

monica mateos said...

I love your cookies!!:)

sweetsugarbelle said...

Iblike thiS a LOT!!! GREAT ideas!

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

Super adorable and I love how you've figured out how to give dimension as that's not an easy thing to do being a glaze gal! Great job and thanks for the tutorial!

Paty_rolon said...

I love it

Teri @Thefreshmancook said...

Absolutely so cute! You are so talented, and inspiring. Thank you!

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