Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OK.....I promise no more baby cookies for a while.....AFTER today ;)

Yesterday I decorated baby cookies...........again. So it's all I've got today.....besides a bunch of "naked" flowers and other Mothers Day cookies.....which aren't too interesting to look at. ;)

So please forgive me for yet another baby cookie post (who knows how many I've done in the last week or two!).

I think I've gotten this small baby cookie thing down pat.
I've improved the bib to my liking.....and tweaked everything else too. 

And don't forget.....I'm going to overload you on Christmas cookies when June rolls around! ;)

Thanks to everyone for all their sweet comments and well wishes about my Ukraine mission trip. I appreciate your support.

For now.....I'm here and not going anywhere for four more weeks.
And get ready..........the May Blog Give-Away is going to be AMAZING.
Stayed tuned until next week for that announcement.


Mnifye said...

I have to say I like the newly revamped bibs. Great job. said...

Great job!!!

Lexy said...

Love the scalloped bib edge and the new update on it also.
Love the heart on the foot.
Love the chocolate cookie...didn't read about that before with the baby cookies.
Is that your chocolate sugar cookie recipe?
What will we do when you are gone....pray for you and success with your mission.

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

Enjoying your posts, whether they are all baby cookies or not! I'm so happy for you getting that continuing order for your mission. That is so awesome! God is looking down on you and smiling for sure. Very happy for you Pam!

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