Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation Cookies......Personalized

There's no easy way to jump from quilt/sewing cookies to personalized graduation I'll just do it. ;)

This order was for a young lady who is loves sports. She was an award winning cross country runner and played basketball. Her high school mascot is a cougar....thus the paw prints. She is attending the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) this fall. I made good use of my KopyKake when making the cross country symbol and the Ole Miss logo. I was very nervous, but they turned out OK.

I'm hoping to show you a pictorial on making the paw prints without the "official" cookie cutter in the next few days. I had to improvise to make a smaller version this time.

Oh......and expect to see lots of Christmas ornaments in the coming weeks. lol I did SIX sets of a 4 piece ornament cutter set from Fancy Flours that I'm entering in a decorating contest. The deadline for entry is after that.....I can show them to you. 

I just got done with the cookies for Ukraine last night. Things are coming together for the trip. :) I'm more than excited!


lizy B said...

I need to do pawprints for my son's school in a few weeks!!  They are bobcats...
Can't wait to see how you make the shape!

Winsome248 said...

Your lettering on the Ole Miss cookies looks really great!

Georgia Cuevas said...

Hotty Toddy!

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