Monday, May 30, 2011

DIY Paw Prints (Tutorial)

Want to make paw print cookies, but don't have the special cutter for it. No worries!

Do you have a flower and a circle cutter? Then you are ready to go. :)

 Cut two petals off the flower cookie.

Cut a vertical slit in the middle of the straight edge you just make on the flower and pull it open.

Use your circle cutter to cut out all but the petals from the flower.

Place this piece around the circle so it is touching well. When you bake it, it will "meld" together.

Cover the entire cookie with a base color.....I chose white.

After it has dried well (I dried mine overnight, because I knew the blue would bleed into the white if it was just a little bit wet), you can add the pads of the paw print.

And there you have it......a paw print cookie without the special cutter. :)

Today was my final work day at the now it's time to get very serious and efficient about readying for my trip. Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be fun! The anticipation of something is probably the best part.......

Happy Memorial Day to you! Praise God for those that have given everything so that we can be free.


Rollin' in Dough said...

Awesome idea, Pam!!  Love it!!!  Good luck on your trip.  Stay safe, and God bless you for your kind heart and all you do for the people of the Ukraine.

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Kay. That means so much coming from you..........a wonderful cookie queen in my eyes. :) said...

Thank you Pam for this Pictorial. 

Katie's Something Sweet said...

Wow! Great idea, Pam! Thank you for sharing this!

lizy B said...

That's brilliant!!!  

Teri@thefreshmancook said...

You are so smart!! I am always looking for cookie cutters, but they are hard to find, unless online. That means I would have to plan ahead ( a novel idea!). I like the idea of using what I have. God Bless on your trip!

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