Monday, May 16, 2011

Cute As A Button (Tutorial)

Friday was my ultimate cookie play day. I had baked up some cookie shapes just because I wanted to......and then decorated them with delight.

I did a sewing/quilt theme......I know you are surprised. ;)

So now I get to start showing you all my fun cookies. :))))))))
I also took pics to show you how to make two of the cookie shapes.

Let the fun begin.....

Today, I want to show you how to make some cute button cookies.

Just take simple circles, any size, adding your button holes and outline.....and letting it dry.

Next flood the entire button (except for the button holes). I start off with a smaller tip (#2) and go around the button holes first.....then take a larger tip (#4) and flood the rest of the button. This will ensure that you don't over fill around the button holes and cause them to top over your dried outlines.

After the flood icing has dried a bit, you can add the rim around the outside edge of the button.....using the same color. And you can also add your first thread across one set of button holes. I've found that if I add both stitches at the same time, they tend to run together and not look as 3D. So I add one stitch, let it dry for a few minutes, and then add the other stitch.

The "cute" results. :)

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I hope your Monday is filled with cute things like buttons. =)


Kenni said...

 I always wondered how you made those button holes! Mystery solved!

Kim Redden said...

Loving the buttons....another "must do" cookie for shower this weekend, I think they might make a showing....thanks for the "how-to" Pam...once again you amaze me!  Oh and thanks for the suggestions for the purse cookie earlier, your willingness to help new cookiers is so generous!

Zoevanhoose said...

As always, Pam, you ROCK!  So, so cute!  And best of I know how to make buttons!  Thank you for always sharing your amazing knowledge and skills with means the world to those of us that are new. You're the best!


Denise said...

What size of tip do you use to outline the button and holes?

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Denise. My favorite tip for outline and detail work is 1.5 PME tip. It is awesome! :) ♥

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